Fade away doesn't make you invisible

This is a brand new bug after the hotfix update.

Fade away activates and makes you look invisible, but mobs will still shoot at you. No, I do not mean they are shooting at my pet and that I’m getting in the way. Enemies will look at, target, and shoot at me.

They will try to melee me. They will shoot me. They will target me.

This is clearly a huge problem since Fade Away is supposed to prevent you from, and it used to work before but isn’t now. This invalidates the skill which gives you +30% bonus damage to enemies that aren’t targetting you as well as preventing you from sniping while standing still in fade away because enemies are still shooting and meleeing you.

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Im experiencing the same thing, I hope this isnt another nerf because that would just be too much

been seeing that too.

This was also in the vanilla game. There was no noticeable change for me after the patches and hotfixes. It was there from the get go.

Also noticing this as Flak.

They don’t target you; however, they will target the last place that they saw you when you activate fade away, sort of like decepti0n, but without the decoy. So, just move to the side during Fade Away, don’t stand still. This does introduce one issue in that Hidden Machine doesn’t work during Fade Away unless they specifically shoot at your pet, which is worth mentioning