Fade Away + Head Count Visual Glitch

So one of the big builds for FL4K that I’ve seen people mention is one combining Head Count, Guerillas in the MIst, and Fade Away for effectively infinite uptime on Fade Away. Fun, right?

Well one of the big questions this build hinged on was, ‘Can you reduce the cooldown on an active skill as its being used, with on hit effects?’ Now, if you’re actively using Fade Away and proccing Head Count, the answer appears to be yes! You can! Except you can’t.

When Fade Away ends, it resets the cooldown back to 45 seconds even if you’ve got a third of Fade Away’s cooldown recovered from Head Count procs.

Unfortunate, but not incredibly surprising considering how strong the build was looking to be. As long as you can land headshots outside of Fade Away and use a high fire rate weapon, you can still get Fade Away back pretty darn quick. So it’s not as overpowered, but still fairly powerful. (Granted, I wanted to be OP as hell because breaking PVE in games like this is fun >.>)

Easy answer is to use torgue, score your crits while in fade away and as soon as it’s over reload. Assuming you put 3 points into Leave no Trace.

This wasn’t a request for how to make the build work, it was a notification that the visual cooldown on the skill isn’t correctly depicting what is happening with it.

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You should still be able to use headcount outside of Fade Away with multy projectile guns to get a bunch of crits, with Dictator I can sometimes finish the cooldown in 2-3 seconds.