Fade Away issues

Has anyone found that sometimes when you use fade away you still somehow get targeted ?


All the time and it drives me crazy

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This is more annoying than the freaking reduced duration. It completely negates the escape ability, and also ruins any attempt to snipe or sneak up on enemies.


It’s so annoying the Troy boss fight is just dumb that he’s still able to charge at you when you’re in fade away. I hope they fix this soon.

bump, because it is still an issue

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Yes its known and gearbox hasn’t changed it since launch like tons of other stuff. Anything that tracks the player or has a laser sight sees through invis

That’s also likely the reason why Hidden Machine, though a powerful v2 skill, does not work most of the time.
Gbx should just change it to “when in FA you deal x % more dmg”. Yes, you would lose out on the coop factor or evdn red fang effect but at least the player knew when it is in effect then.

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