Fade Away + King's Call / Queen's Call is still Amazing Level 72 Flak Build

Heya Buddies, today I wanted to try to optimize a classic build that was used by a lot of Fl4k mains when this game was first release. I’m of course talking about the Fade Away + King’s / Queen’s Call combo but we will be adding some gear that was added in the director’s cut to increase our damage so it can stand up to the big boys in the meta. For those of you that don’t know King’s Call is a weapon that on crit adds 3 bullets back into the magazine and also on crit splits the projectile into three bullets that hover above the enemy and comes right back down to the enemy. When used in conjunction with Fl4k’s Fade Away we are able to proc this effect through the entire duration of the action skill which means during that short time we gain infinite ammo and tons of those special projectiles that spawn which in turn also Crit.

Click Here for Build Showcase:

Main gear we use:

Now this won’t be a shocker (haha puns) to anybody but we are using a Re-Volter Shield with action skill start anointment to optimize our burst window whenever we activate our Fade Away Action Skill. The King’s Call we use has the anointment while Fade Away is active increased Weapon Damage by 150% Now since the King’s Call is admittedly only really good during this burst window I need a way to get our action skill back as quick as possible and I found that the Zheitsev’s Eruption is a great weapon to get our action skill back when used in conjunction the action skill point Head Count. Head Count gives us Action Skill cooldown whenever we crit and since Zheitsev’s Eruption has this amazing reload effect of sending out homing projectiles that debuff enemies we are able have guaranteed hits since they home with a chance on them criting to proc our head count. Now one reload won’t get the job done since that would only result in 5 projectiles but if we use Emote Spamming we can spawn up to 30 projectiles every seconds which procs Head Count really fast and thus gives us our fade away back in a few seconds. Now Emote spamming isn’t the most easy thing to do on console so if you are playing console you can either swap back and forth to this weapon or spam grenades to get a similar effect. You can of course use another weapon to proc head count or hunter seeker but I found Zheitsev’s Eruption to be the most beneficial since we are able to proc a debuff on the enemies with tons of projectiles. Speaking of Hunter Seeker I am using one with the on throw anointment to increase our general damage. My hope was that the Hunter Seeker would have gave me my action skill back really quickly but it was quick enough so perhaps you can run a It’s Piss instead to have that on demand debuff. We are also using a Bounty Hunter Class Mod to benefit from our kill skills even if there are no adds during a boss fight. This also makes certain skills in fl4k skill tree to benefit on all enemies since fl4k has a mechanic that gives him different effects when fighting certain enemy types. I was debating whether or not to use either Stack Bot or Bounty Hunter on this build but my DPS Checks showed that the Stack Bot performed poorly compared to Bounty Hunter against most bosses; keep in mind that when I say poorly it really was just a 5 or 10 second difference. Now since we are looking to hit the enemy consecutively with the King’s Call during our burst window I decided to run a Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge since it increases our damage by a lot while also increasing out magazine size plus fire rate.

Its a ton of fun and I would love for you guys to try it as well. Alrighty that’s all I have for today, Have a great day everyone :slight_smile:

Feel free to add any tips you think will help another player in the comments, you will probably help a fellow vault hunter out & strengthen us as a community.

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Thanks, I like it !

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I have used a similar setup. I’d use Rowan’s Call when mobbing or fadeaway was not up on a boss. Instead of the pearl, I use a Jakobs Company Man. For bosses, definitely recommend Stackbot with that setup.

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Yeah I’ll definitely have to try that out :slight_smile:

pugly my boy, when you tried the stackbot did you threw the hunter seeker aswell? that resets the stackbot during fadeaway


No I did not, I made sure not to throw the grenade so I could test the damage more purely.

Dont forget those points into two f4ng, didnt see it mentioned so i thought id say it, since the call is single pellet two f4ng its 25% more damage with the extra pellet.
Also i recommend a cryo queens call as it will have the highest base damage out of all of them since you cant get a non elemental king/queen call and radiation will have the lowest damage

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alright, just thought id asked since i have such a habit of throwing hunter seekers that i often forget it when playing Stackbot

its not that i think your wrong, bounty hunter and stackbot are equally great imo

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No I appreciate you asking I really do, I never clarified and makes a difference on builds.

Aww yeah, I do have that on this build, I forgot to mention that. Yeah two fang allows me to increase my damage by a considerable amount for this weapon

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