Faded colors in Borderlands 2 on PS4

The colors of the glowing pillars above loot and also the borders around the loot description seem faded from the PS3 and PC versions. Do you guys notice this? It is particularly noticeable for health kits as they look almost pink instead of the normal red.

Are you sure it isn’t just the environment? I’ve found several areas where the ambient lighting leaves all the light pillars bleached. E.g. the Ancient Dragons area, for one - keep thinking I’ve hit the pearlescent jackpot, only to find out that they’re all blues… :frowning:

Oh for sure it could be the environment and the extra added lighting they added. This is the starter area with Hammerlock and Claptrap where there is all the snow so maybe it is a side effect of being in a bright area. I’ll know more as I progress. Thanks for the reply.

Here is a screenshot someone else posted of the problem. You can see the light stem and the loot card are faded.

Is it supposed to be this way?

Same issue on the Xbox One! All my loot colours and a few other items are bleached out!