Fail to authenticate server

I’m playing on the ps4 I’ve been kicked out back to the title screen at least 15 times tonight because of this failed to authenticate server crap I play a game then this crappie happen what’s the deal with this

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You’re not the only one dealing with this. It’s been going on for a few days for me too…

I feel like we went back to the first few days/week of the games launch where servers weren’t up to par.

I wonder if they shut down servers or cut back on maintenance due to lack of players…

I hope not…and I hope they try to at least keep the servers running smoothly during their events.

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Yeah I’ve started getting this too. Very annoying.

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I have had this since the very minute of release - literally. It’s absolutely ruined my experience with the game.

I have bin getting it a lot lately

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Yea this happens and besides the fact when you finally get into a game then get kicked because of this crap makes you not wanna play

I too have been kicked out to the title screen several times today. Once mid match and other times right after. It’s really annoying.

Yep I’ve been copping this message again lately too.

When I first started playing it was constant, then it went away, now it’s back.

I’ve had it happen to me a few times in the last few days. I’m on PS4, in US, Pacific Northwest (if that matters.)

Hasn’t happened in game or anything, luckily, but transitioning from completed mission back to lobby and when I first try to sign in. It’s a bummer.

Don’t forget to fill out support tickets guys. Just to “officially” bring it to gbx’s attention