Failed strategies and attempts thread BL2 edition

Maliwan gear only: Stiff Competition challenge (kill Smash-Head before killing any Midget Boners). I’m up for suggestions, but all her (Gaige’s) Maliwan gear stuff tends to spray a lot of damage (I’m built pretty deep in the Little Big Trouble tree, too). I tried to snipe him with a railgun (buffed with some UCP and OP lovin’), but still no go. I’m not sure I’ll be able to pull this off without breaking allegiance.


As a quick reference, this is in place of this thread and the original Borderlands counterpart.


I have no idea if this thread is supposed to be staying alive, and I’m guessing the OP either no longer cares or figured it out, but I’ll reply anyways in case someone else has the same issue. And since I took the time to go kill this guy with Maliwan weapons.

I’m not doing the Maliwan challenge, and may be missing something obvious from said challenge, but I just finished the game on Gaige at level 28 after skipping most of the side quests (took me 45 minutes to beat Vault of the Warrior at 27, then I get on here and find out people are doing it at 19 :astonished:). So I did Cold Shoulder, found the Goliath, started Note for Self-Person, and fought my way over to Smash-Head to see what I could do here.

Since I’m not doing the Maliwan challenge, most of my stuff is not Maliwan. I unequipped my shield because it’s Torgue, left my class mod alone since all it does it buff the shield I just unequipped and a skill I don’t have, and left my relic alone since it just adds +5% rare loot chance which shouldn’t affect the difficulty of getting the challenge.

I refrained from using my Bandit grenade (which would probably make the challenge harder anyways) or my non-Maliwan weapons. For Fairest of Them All, I meleed Laney to death, though it’s probably not hard to just murder her quickly. For Smash-Head, I started melee-ing him, but it was taking too long, so I just stood behind him and shot him and he went down without issue.

I’m using a random SMG I just picked up off the ground and it worked pretty well.
Level 26 Maliwan Fire SMG.

I’m specced into BFF rather than LBT, so that might make a difference.

I think if you get to level 50 or something, you could just melee him in one hit without any problems.

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I would really say that 1 point for Anarchy may change the whole thing. Idk is so much for a such small point xD

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