Failed Strategies and attempts thread

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This thread is dedicated to discussing failed strategies and attempts. This would stand for Craw runs, hybrid farming, read-only farming/dashboard farming, etc. Play through attempts, power leveling attempts, basically anything borderlands related that tends to be a struggle. This thread will help break down the strategies and hopefully, get you on the right track for success.

Okay, lets discuss…

Failed strategies and attempts thread BL2 edition
Item fail of the day
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I have a question to the group and I don’t know where else to put it…it is about gear tho…has anyone found a way to successfully stop craw maggots from chasing you and knocking you off the ledge? Sometimes I’ll get offed 3 or 4 times out of 5 and its infuriating. I’ve tried shock betties…stickys…landmines…and they all…ahem…fail miserably.

Item fail of the day
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Killing them before they reach you is a reasonable strategy. I can never remember the correct element for each type or which slot it’s in though, so I get knocked off mid-weapons swap.

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Well with anyone but Lilith and using the ledge it’s not possible. The amount of time you would spend and craw is already in range. If Roland throws his turret it attracts craw and screws up the glitch. Blood wing Is useless. Ah well I guess it’s just unavoidable.

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I’m not sure I’m understanding your question. the answer is something you already know, which is why I don’t think I’m understanding your question.

My answer: Orion sniper dude! shock stops the pink craw maggots in their tracks. not sure for the exact amount of time they freeze, but it’s a few seconds. I sometimes will kite Craw away from the pile she just dropped and I’ll phasewalk over to the other size of the arena and when I come out of phasewalk, I pull out my orion and snipe those little bastards from a far. Which freezes them and Craw can make her way over to me before they do. But, I’m pretty sure you already knew that?

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Maggots hate melee as well, but Orion does the trick as we all know. Avoid running near ledges, stay near rock pilars.

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Sorry sorry…I was talking about ledge farming…running to the ledge they often chase me and send me over to die. It annoying

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Here you go. Not Lilith in the glitch spot.

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Yeah I’ve seen that hehe. Thanks but I’m not sure that will help. If one spawns close enough it will find you and bump you. And you do not need to run all the way to the end like that either.

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you do if you don’t want them to bump you. :wink:

I do that glitch all the time. I have done it and it failed, but that’s just RNG for ya. This has only happened once to me, but in that glitch spot, I had Craw fly over to me in the air, literally. it blew my mind cause I had never seen Craw leep in the air and travel across the arena to that glitch spot. She literally landed on me which put me to a sliver of health, and when she popped up out from under the ground she was practically on top of me. Needless to say I died that run. lol But the point is RNG. fails can happen, but you’re more likely to succeed if you follow the proven recipe. :wink:

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Ive tried putting on a cationic and throwing a bunch of shock betties in front of me and just running thru them…it works …sorta. seems like it dazes them but It’s not consistent

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why not use an Aries? as you’re running to your spot, have it equipped and if a maggot runs up on you, blast it.

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Well its all about the time window…it only takes like 3 seconds for craw to get close enough to you to screw up the glitch…and you never see the maggot that hits you…until the screen turns red. They seem to spawn directly behind me and then it’s game over

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that’s RNG for ya. currently I only have Lilith on PC to farm Craw. What I do is sit there until Craw makes her second left turn, your right. I phase walk to the glitch spot from the elevator, but I have to wait. sometimes, waiting for that second left allows the maggots to hit me. Once I was knocked off the edge where you appear from the elevator. Now, if I see those maggots barreling towards me before I can phase walk, I simply strafe to one side which then allows me the split second to then Phase walk to the spot.

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Interesting. With her I usually just go strait for it. Clear out any worms. And then u can ever so slightly inch to your right until you are out of bounds for the glitch. Craw starts moving…and when she’s in place (angled for rocket shots) you simply move to the left a tad. As long as no maggots knock me off its pretty much fail proof. I believe we’ve gone off topic and I apologize. Perhaps craw deserves a new thread?

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lmao…where ya been? :sweat_smile:

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