Failed Strategies and attempts thread

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This is a borderlands 1 thread homie. But good luck with your challenge

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Good point. I’d tried to start a BL2 thread a while back, but it never really took hold. Hang on…

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Re: getting to the safe spot faster: as you are riding up the elevator, there’s a moment where if you jump, the elevator will catapult you far up into the air. Craw will not notice you while you’re in the air, so you can make it partway to the safe spot and by the time you hit the ground you are close enough to be safe. It’s hard to time the jump properly, but if you get it the success rate is 100% in my experience. I try to get it every time, since even if you’re fighting legitimately (no ledge) a few free shots are always helpful.

This is not my video but shows what I’m talking about: