Failed to authenticate

Title saws it all. Anyone else cannot log in right now and getting that error message. Been going on for about 20 minutes now.

having same issue xb1

What a shame :tired_face:

Me too! Been trying to play for over half an hour now. What’s going on and is there any fix?

We had this issue as well a bunch of times last night. I hope it doesn’t happen again tonight.

That’s strange I didn’t have any issues last night.

I was on XB1. Eventually I got in but it took a lot of patience. Between the failing to authenticate and our internet disconnecting itself, it took a LOT of patience. But at least I finally got to play!

hard reboot on the xbox and it works fine now

Same for me right now. After playing closed open beta its expected. Servers and match making are the worst of any online game ever made.