Failed to complete the patching process

Help please I just bought battleborn yesterday and I installed it onto my PS4. At the title menu it keeps saying Failed to Complete the Patching Process. Please check your network connection. I did all that and it won’t work…I even uninstalled the game a popped the disc back in. Restarting my PS4 has done nothing either… please help.

Try clearing the cache on your ps4.

There’s a couple of current threads over in PS4 Tech Support outlining problems with both BB and HC downloads/updates. It is possibly a PS store issue - maybe check those threads for further info.

Do you mean the memory?

If I own a physical copy it shouldn’t have to go through the PS store would it?

You still need the day 1 update and the current hotfix so, yes.

Any idea how I can do that? I’ve tried looking up an update but it says the latest update is installed.

My bet at the moment is a problem on Sony’s end, so you’ll need to hit their tech support. There’s a link in one of the threads here:

Hey I was struggling with the same issue. What I had to do was make sure that when the game did its install that the version 1.01 update notification would pop up. In order to get that icon I had to just delete data remove disc and reinstall. On the 3rd try I also opened the game before the initial install had completed and then the update finally appeared.
Problem was the PS4 for some reason won’t receive the update file. Im not sure what made it work but now the 471.6 mb update is downloading

Which data did you have to delete

Never mind did what you said and it’s working well the update at least