Failed To Retrieve Match History...Possible To Submit A Ticket?



Just finished an amazingly close and epic match against a team containing @Exousia @slif_one and @GUNZERKUS

Got more than 20 assists as Alani.

This is critical forr right now as Im within 600 assists of “Medicinal Use Only”.

Is there any way to submit a ticket for that match without having a screenshot or anything?

Thanks in advance.

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I haven’t had this, but i have had it where it wouldn’t share my screenshot after to save it to my onedrieve…

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None of us 10 seem to be able to retrieve the match history in question - however @slif_one :dukeaffirmative: managed to capture (pun intended) the beyond intense last 2 minutes where 50 - 100 was swung around to 50 - 0 on video and post-post it onto Y-tube.

Shot in the dark: Perhaps with the help of the video somehow match history can be found by GBX support?

Anywho, the yday battle went on to become 1 of the most memorarable in the game for me ever, so I’d like to extend tx to @FlamesForAll @slif_one @Exousia and all other team members, both teams, for being part of and for taking part in :dukeaffirmative::dukeaffirmative::dukeaffirmative::dukeaffirmative::dukeaffirmative::dukeaffirmative::dukeaffirmative::dukeaffirmative::dukeaffirmative::dukeaffirmative:

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