"Failed to save settings" Can't get into game

My friend just got the game and when he gets to the title screen, it says failed to save settings. He can’t get into the game what so ever. We have tried many other solutions, but they don’t work. Any advice?

Check that the game folder isn’t locked by AV or other software - it’s been a recurring issue, and there are numerous potential culprits (from Windows own built-in AV and anti-ransomware to 3rd part products like BitDefender and MalwareBytes). You friend will want to check the folders in the cascade down to the individual save files.

Alright, we will see how that goes. Thank you

We did all that, but it still continues to say failed to save settings.

Is there a game config file at all? If so, what are the permissions on it? Should be:
user/Documents/My Games/Borderlands 3/Saved/Config/GameUserSettings.ini

Might want to check the folders in that sequence too.