Failing epically (with all but one class/character)

So… after attemps… failures… irritations, and deleting a level 50 something toon… (and not regretting it)

I have discovered that in UVHM I am only marginally successful (as in able to actually kill the bosses) with one build of one toon (Jimothy the doppelganger) (leadership/sponserd by based build)

Every other attempt at UVHM has turned into a royal nightmare of a seemingly unimaginable level of fail. Like worse than most people can comprehend. (except claptrap i sucked too bad with him to make it out of TVHM)

Does anyone at all know of a way to remove UVHM? Not just not going into it but having the game just cap at 50 and not go past TVHM.

Can you post a link to your skill tree? I main the doppelganger and would love to help you in any way needed.

Once you buy the level cap upgrade packs, I think you’re stuck with them unless you buy another copy of the game.

2 things.

  1. you don’t have to enter UVHM
  2. if you stay in TVHM, you won’t be able to get very much xp.

You MIGHT reach level 52 or 53 but it won’t make much of a difference. You could even ignore those extra skill points.

But yeah, I wonder if you’re doing something strange with your gear choices or skilltree build or skill usage. And spread across all characters like this. It’s strange. Usually you find your niche by this point.

For example. In Borderlands 2 and TPS, max health boosts aren’t that beneficial. More important is health regen and shields and shield regen. This is because of the health gating the game does. If you’re above 1/3rd or 1/2 health (forgot which) and you receive a damage burst that is > than your remaining health, the game puts you at 1 health (or something very low). So, you’re better off doing things that constantly regen your health above that magic threshhold (1/3rd or half) than doing things that increase your max health.

With that knowledge I made all my builds very survivable in TPS, and tons of damage output.

I dont like UVHM period, I like a bit of a challenge but TVHM is enough for me, I tried getting through UVHM on BL2 and it was infuriating. I got about halfway through, and stopped, I appreciate that some people like a hard challenge, but UVHM is just a bit too much for me, and when you couple it with the fact that the content is stale at that point, well there you go.

See I agree that it can get to stale. That’s why what did was power level to almost cap then speed run through TVHM. Once I was done with it I ran through UVHM like a second playthrough. I dislike the 3 playthroughs, I feel like TVHM is a waste of time

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For what it’s worth. UVHM in the pre-sequel has MUCH better rules. Far less punishing. But yeah, you don’t have to enter UVHM at all. You can stay in TVHM and enjoy it forever. I have a couple characters in BL2 that hover around level 50 to 53 just for that reason. I keep them on level 50 gear and only in TVHM. And if I want things a little easier for TVHM stuff I might even pop into UVHM and get a couple things to help me out.

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Clever way to do it. Certainly helps if you’re like me and you play all 6 characters to max level and beating the game 3 times per. Really need access to some shortcuts once you do certain things in Borderlands games. Reached max level and beat the game 3 times? Then here’s “adventure mode” which lets you skip the traditional story on any character and just go perform bounties to kill certain things or redo any mission from the game. Really needs that Diablo 3 end game touch.

THAT would be my perfect game, right there.

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