Failing so many public story missions

It seems like for every 1 completed mission I fail the next 2 or 3, the squad I end up in just can’t put out enough dps for how many adds there are. Any suggestions? This is on normal as well… and what is up with like every single mission being defend a core :confused: if I wanted to play defense missions I’d play Warframe… By the way this is my first night playing the game, I’m command rank 7 and using Oscar Mike. Any help would be appreciated, I’m currently playing on ps4.

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Do people keep voting Saboteur?
Hold your vote and try to swing it to another mission.

People keep picking Saboteur not realising it’s hard-as-hell in 4-/5-player teams, yet relatively easy in solo/2-players.

Try to keep a diverse team. If you see 2-3 assassin like characters pick a tank or healer. I played through every mission with no fail and our team using a tank, 2 assassins, healer, and sniper combo

Yes it was the saboteur mission, finally after like the 5th try on it we got it completed. On s side note, got my first legendary! Vyn’s Quiver from The Sentinel mission. Was super stoked too get that can’t wait to see more legendaries, Im working on Oscar mikes last lore the 50k bullets then I think you get a character specific legendary? Is it only useable on him or other characters as well?

I cheated for that lore not going to lie. I launched the algorithm solo and held the trigger down while cooking

No regrets lol

Character specific lengendaries only gives a bonus effect to the character it’s assign to but can be used by other characters but without that bonus effect working

Closed to avoid further thread necromancy :heart:

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