Failing "The Magic of Childhood"

I tried doing this quest so it doesn’t show up in my questlog anymore and in my 2 attempts just now, it just failed. I found no cause for it, the bar indicating the remaining stability of the tower was still very full and there were no orcs near it. It just failed, Murderlin says “Oh no, the tower has fallen!” and I die. Is there something I’m missing or is this just a bug?

No idea about your situation, but I believe the quest is repeatable even after success… like the Badass Round of the Magic Slaughter.

In other words, I’m not sure succeeding in the quest will achieve your goal of not “show[ing] up in my quest log anymore.”

Repeatable quests show up in the queslog unless they are completed at least once, then they aren’t displayed anymore unless you accept it again. I eventually managed to do it, just curious what might have caused it.

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also they are displayed if you fail the repeated run or hit the button to many times and end up accepting it again

as for this , it almost sounds like a quest with a set amount of time to complete it in, but have not paid enough attention to the details of that quest the few times I have done it, to know for sure one way or another