Failure rate of story missions..on normal

Ok, I’m not one to whine about difficulty levels of games…however, I am starting to think “normal” is too hard. Out of my last 15 story mode episodes, 13 have failed. Mostly, it’s the escort types, like Archive, Experiment, etc…out of my last 10 attempts at Archive, all 10 have ended in mission failure. Do people just not have a clue? Or is it just too difficult on normal? It seems that as of late, the fail rate has skyrocketed, was something changed?

I believe the only changes relevant here were buffs to the health of various things you need to protect, a while back. Nothing recently, I don’t think.

With the archive, after the first wave of enemies slot of people run down the hill to engage the thralls, not knowing a group of varelsi spawn to the right basically on top of the sentry, those scavens hit like a ton of bricks

Well whatever it is, wow. It’s crazy. I play on PS-4 btw.

Oh, and while I am complaining…people need to quit leaving story mode episodes too. Wow, amazing how many people bolt if they don’t get the one they vote for, or right at the start of an episode. Enough already, stop leaving matches!

In many cases, no, they don’t. It’s great when you get a team that have obviously played the map enough to have learned what to do and when to do it - just had one on Experiment where no-one went rushing to trigger the nodes before building out, and victory was very gratifying. (Also, never seen the Conservator at the end go down so fast!)

Well hopefully with age will come wisdom. Longevity would be great too.

Thats really a crazy loosing streak :frowning:
The only ones we lost so far were Archive & Saboteur, but I think most people agree those are the hardest missions (except Heliophage). So far I think the difficulty is okay, but bad/confused teammates can ruin victory rather fast.
We came cross alot of PvP-only-gamers which did´nt knew there was reviving in missions. So these people respawned always immediately before we could rez them and we lost because they sucked away all group-lifes >.<

I hope you´ll find better teams, maybe it was just a wave of newbies raining down on you.

Thanks, I hope so as well. Been having rough luck lately.

I was able to solo all of them on normal. The Archive and The Saboteur were the 2 that took me multiple tries to finish. The archive took me almost 2 hours to complete because the minions that you have to escort kept dying. The saboteur I kept failing at the last thing you had to protect.

The Archive is the reason I dont know if I will play the missions on advanced. Not all of them anyway.