Fair time for Borderlands Shift Key Codes

I and some friend use the shift code for the loot keys on BL3, and we notice the time for the shift code is being done for EST users which is not the argument, but is an issue for other countries in the EU and none EU countries.

The Shift Code are release at a time from 22:05 to 02:39 BST for me and many other users in the UK, which is an issue for users as the code would be expired when we are up. This is an issue for most EU and none EU countries as well and this would be seen to some users as unfair.

Some of my friends on Discord spoke and were thinking if the time did not have an expiry date or a 24-hour time slot before the code expired. Making it fair for everyone to use the shift code before it expires.

Do you believe this is fair or unfair for users?

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I understand things like keys from their show having a short time for expiration… Because you should be watching to get the key. Otherwise I completely agree that the expirations are a tad too rapid.

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Please use the search function before posting threads. This topic has already been discussed at length.

Yes I see that this has been discussed, but can’t see which one you mean. Can you send the thread to me, so I can have a look?

I can assure you, I been looking at the time expires. Thank you for informing me anyway :slight_smile: