Faith in humanity restored

I have to say, my faith in humanity is restored.
I don’t play coop much except with friends. The few experiences I have had were pretty negative.

Since I have been playing BB I have had some great experiences. I am playing story mode mostly. Since I have been playing here are a few things:

Many times I have watched team mates go back for someone knocked down in the Sentinel.
I have been revived repeatedly (at great personal risk) when I couldn’t stay out of the Thrall-pile instead of being abandoned.
I’ve watched team mates let each player take from the mega-loot piles (Algorithm).

I have even begun to see people regularly on teams (Crucifox, Peterax, Arkan3 Kn!ght, C.O Bradford, etc)

I could go on for a while but I think many of you have had the same experience.
Please post your positive experiences as well.


Same feeling. People seem to really get the team aspect and making the on-boarding process so much easier.


Great times so far and many surprises! :heart:

  • The Saboteur (random group, no mics on): Died in the pink lava and one teammate after another came to revive me, than he died, next mate jumped in to rez us, died, and so on until we all died. Thats true love!!!

  • Random teams which actually share shards fair! I try to take only every 3rd shard for myself, but I continued seeing other people who did´nt ran through them purposely to leave some for the others.

  • First PvP in my life, died alot, but no bad chatter at all. Was very afraid of getting flamed, I´m quiet anxious in that regard -.-


One evening when playing meltdown with random people. I recieved a message on my PSN from a player on the opposite team, it was to compliment me on my use of Thorn, saying I was one of the better Thorn users they have come across (they were also Thorn)… Lovely person!

And last night when also playing meltdown with randoms, a member of the winning team invited me to play storymode with them straight after… Thought that was a nice gesture, especially because they beat the team I was on by a fair bit.

I also think it’s cool when playing match ups or storymode with a bunch of randoms, and we all start out choosing different skins… Then 2 people might be matching in a particular colour… So everyone else changes to be the same… No communication required, just wanting to get into the team spirit… I always give a thumbs up to my TV, haha.