Fake bee, missing parts? not seen in bahroos guide

I have the fire, shock and corrosive of the same spawn, the stats are a little different, slightly better then this one. I was looking for the blast to complete a set. The ones I got, some rando dropped :slight_smile: I have another set, the one fiber uses, 6.16 delay, the blast is 6.44 as I know when it has the blast prefix, even with same parts it wont be the same as fire, shock, corrosive. Randos causing confusion lol!, not cool though as this stuff affects me. I got a chain lightning off a friend with 1968504, saw a fiber video of him using a 1968503, so I sold it, I just love this game a lot you know, like many and hate having fake gear.

Rando as in random player? If so, then it’s more than likely been Gibbed because you can use that program on Xbox & PS3 saves.

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Here’s the variant chart for The Bee from the wiki. As you can see every single example has the locked Torgue body. Any Bee shield lacking this part/with an alternate part (in this case Tediore) is illegitimate.


Hey ben, yer I checked that too. The only thing is, wiki is not very reliable. For example, there chain lighting at op8 is listed at: 1968502. I’ve seen joltz farm a 1968503, same as fiber. BTW do you know what the max stat for the chain lighting is? I know there’s a thread on the forums but cant seem to find it.

This thread?

Most gear guides are easily found in the stickied Lootology thread in this sub-category.

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thank you kitty :wink:

Just because I make videos doens’t make me a bigger expert than people like @Hoyle4 or @Chuck80 they both know a lot more than me in areas of the game.

I don’t know the answer on this one, the shield looks like its missing a part but that stats don’t look out of line. I would defer to others that know shield parts and stats better.


Hey derch. Both chuck and hoyle, did not comment with actual evidence, they gave there opinions, which is not sufficient without evidence. Anyway, just looked at the stats listings, and the blast proof was listed at 6.44 minimum recharge, so the one in the picture is a fraud :frowning: I’m not sure who compiled that stat listing though, anyone know? Same goes for you as well d, if you had commented without evidence, it would not be sufficient.

was it loot turtle, I used to use it all the time on the old boards, the numbers are good.

hey, d. Its this one: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k2--QdWoksKmFDkIyOKWFTdQMcUzgDjpaYWYWIYNvok/edit#gid=11

kittyjo above shared the links :wink:

Yeah KittyJo is more reliable than I will ever be

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looks like you were right ben :wink:

That is totally legit. the difference of 1 point is platform difference. Console vs. PC. that is why it’s off by a point. Wanna know how I know? @khimerakiller told me. :wink:


This is max stat on Console.

This is max stat on PC.

Again, thanks to @khimerakiller for pointing that little fact out to me. as I wondered myself. :grin:

Hey kurt, so 02 is console? I just farmed a lightning bolt, the damge I’m not sure was max but the shock was :slight_smile: 1163642

wiirc, the lightning bolt can have a higher damage than the chain lightning. i always took issue with that. legendary should have better ‘card stats’ than blue uniques. just my opinion. here is the best i farmed for. i think its max, but am not positive. i remember seeing khim with it in a vid and his was a point higher than mine. thats when he explained the PC platform is why thats diff. both are considered max.

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1968503 I know is the highest damage, 846285 is the highest shock damage, so you got that ;). I got to get me a perfect chain lightning or lightning bolt, I really don’t mind, but man, how long is it gonna take :frowning:

Many legendaries have lower stats than their purple or blue counterpart, that’s what keeps them balanced with the gimmick they have.

The lighting bolt is also red text, and you actually have to aim it. The CL will also affect up to 4-8 targets.
If the CL also had better damage, that would only make the LB completely useless, and make the game less diverse than it is.


Well, looks like it’s back to the drawing board then. I thought i had the max stat version. “Pew Pew…” you know the rest. lol <-- That was for you Chuck. :wink:

That is a fun farm though. so I don’t mind going back at it. I have some vids of me farming for the chain lighting and the Fire Storm. The blue’s aren’t worth it copmared to the legendaries. Even when the stats seem lower on the card, the legendary counter part will have better value for you. The hidden traits, or ability over compensate for the lack of good card stats.