Fallen Guardian Moze - A two million shield capacity experiment

Fallen Guardian Moze

Something has changed…

And changed for the better. For the longest time, with enemies doing MH10 damage I always hated 1hp/below health-gate builds. Having a big shield was nothing but a useless gimmick, where even the lowest tier mob could gib you with a shot.
With the latest patch, we finally said goodbye to MH10 damage, and 1hp/below health-gate builds are viable again! Or at least they are way less punishing when you play them. This is my twist on it.

Full disclosure: this build is a gimmick build, and the skill tree is optimized to get as much shield as one possibly can during high-density mobbing situations.
This was my only aim, I made this build more as an exercise in pushing shield capacity to its absolute max.

Skill Tree


This does not mean that you won’t do any damage (quite the opposite, as you need to keep Phalanx Doctrine (PD) stacks constantly), and this skill tree and the combination of items listed below will allow a shield base capacity of 362.861.

But this is only the beginning. By using a +5PD Bloodletter we can achieve 30% max shield per stack (and 20% gun damage). I have managed to push this build way over 40 PD stacks, with a recorded max shield capacity of 2.116.732 shield points.

Like an Eridian guardian, Moze’s HP pool will be nothing but shields, so you can (and will) still go down in one hit due to self-damage.
Thanks to the enormous shield capacity (and a more sensible MH scaling) tanking electric barrels, shock troopers traps, and even camping inside Wotan’s inner shield are all possible now!

Class Mod

This is the first of two mandatory pieces of gear. Do you want max shield capacity? Get a +5PD bloodletter, end of the story. Passive rolls are less important than you might initially suspect, but being able to spec 10/5 on PD is an absolute must.


Deathless artifacts are generally a horrible way of getting to 1HP.
Nootmad has an excellent video on artifacts where he explains why you should not use a deathless if you plan to go 1HP.
That said, the deathless doubles your shield making it perfect for my use case.


This is the second mandatory item for this build, a Madcap (triple turtle for best results).
The 75% health and shield upon exiting IB is how the magic is made. Group up enemies strolling around with IB, let them destroy it (so you can maximize cooldown and Big Surplus abuse), and enjoy 25 seconds of augmented shield capacity.


The Plaguebearer is an absolute mobbing monster and allows you to clear entire groups of enemies extremely fast. This allows for quick stacking of PD and consequently very high shield capacity.
I have an electric, cryo, and corrosive one, that I swap as needed.


This is more of a utility item, but applying rad DOTs to enemies before they are killed by your Plaguebearer can have hilarious effects on groups of enemies, especially if the explosions trigger Torgue Cross Promotion.

Additional equipment

Based on your favorite playstyle, you might want to have with you

You will be shooting a lot of rockets, and you might experience low ammo from time to time. Grab a Cutpurse deathless, slam an enemy and you are good to go.
Atom balm deathless is another valid alternative: after all, you are applying lots of rad DOTs to your enemies. Mind your distance, Torgue Cross Promotion can kill you from a mile away with this combo.

A Recurring Hex in cryo version will give you lots of utility if you have flying enemies that would give you no benefit from exploding in a radioactive cloud. Freeze them and watch them fall to their death.


Any single target weapon you might fancy, for when launcher mobbing is not feasible. Hornet, Plasma Coil, Trevonator are the ones I use at the moment.

I have a TMTD run coming soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this short video where I break the 2 million shield barrier on bridge TMTD.

And here you have a gameplay example on TMTD

Click Here For the Build Template used for this post


What are you talking about ? 1 HP builds require you to stack very high electric resistance.
With a Transformer shield, you just have to care about radiation, and you get super tanky.
It’s super rare I get one shot (usually, that’s from barrels).

Well, guess what, I found a written version from Nootmad:

Basically, double shield is nice, but not best, as some other relics may give you extra damage.
Nowhere is said you should absolutely avoid Deathless relic, just that other relics may be more optimal for damage (which is quite different to my understanding).

What am I talking about? Is there something unclear about what I have written?
There is no amount of resistance that you can stack, transformer or otherwise, if the mobs can nullify your shield with a simple one-shot due to MH10 damage.

Gratz on your googling skills.
That’s exactly the point btw, you can achieve sub-health-gate/1hp without using a deathless, and still use a relic slot like a victory rush or a pearl of knowledge that can give you meaningful extra damage.

Is the Lunacy a viable option? +100% shield without reserving your health, can roll with AoE, works with Tenacious Defense.

Also, there is a reason for no Fired Up?


This is an interesting build. That said you should look into the Lunacy artifact. It doubles your shield cap with the downside of increasing your recharge delay by a ton. But if you want some HP to still be able to benefit from gating then I would say that is the Better option…

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You beat me to it… Oh well atleast they k ow it is an option twice as much now XD.

Lunacy: honestly? Forgot about its existence, good call. :man_facepalming:

However, if I remember right the lunacy can roll only two passives forcing me to give up some utility. Also, I don’t really mind being sub-health-gate for the sake of this build but I should definitely try to make the Lunacy work nonetheless.

Fired up: also a good point, I have not tested if the fire rate bonus of fired up affects the plaguebearer charge speed. I just chucked all my remaining points in double time, but I could move one from there to fired up. Thx again for the suggestion!

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Cool build. The problem with using Lunacy together with Bloodletter is refilling your hp after taking health damage. Any health packs or Vampyr healing get applied to shields only. +hp regen will work but it’s usually not enough to reliably keep you over the 50% mark for health gate. Lunacy can roll with AOE but that’s the only good offensive stat IIRC. It only gets 2 Passives and the list is quite small.