Falling off of moving platforms in Guardian takedown

Because vaulting doesn’t work on them. My character vaults up, starts falling. Happened three times, now I’m sitting here watching everyone else fight Scourge.

This is after finally getting this far without the game freezing.

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This is the reason I don’t bother with matchmaking for GTD anymore. Unless you are the host those platforms are a gamble, and not having decent checkpoints just makes it more punishing than rewarding

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Happened once for me, I tried to vault a platform that was moving away from me. I kept holding forward and jump and “hnnnnnng”-t the hell out of it. The VH kept humping the ledge over and over until the platform stopped and was successfully climbed. Never give up!

Yeah, even in single player, trying to catch a retreating edge is a sketchy gamble.

there is a setting in the options to enable auto-mantling.

this solves your problem, if you keep holding the forward button/key it will auto-climb ledges/platforms

This would help if it was a mechanical issue. But for me it has always been the lag. When my character tries to mantle a moving platform sometimes I won’t move with it and I’ll mantle up onto thin air just to fall straight down

The mildly amusing part is that my Clone ran out as I was falling, so I couldn’t swap back to safe ground.

Salty at the time, but I can laugh about that now.

Still, that really needs to be fixed. If I host GTD, my game crashes. If someone else hosts, I die to laggy vaulting.