Falling Through World after Troy

So how many others fell through the world after defeating Troy ? I watched an xbox friend two weeks before me post a video about it.

Get to Troy, defeat him & next thing I’m falling.

Can you guys fix this bug ?

Oh yeah the other bug where screen locks up with one sound blaring forcing console reboot.

Haven’t seen programming like that since Anthem.

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Yeah had it happen twice now.


Happened to me both in normal and tvhm, both times I could see a legendary before I fell through and had to restart game, losing loot :^)


I only fell through once so far, lucky me! :smiley:
I am on PC

Troy? More like Troll amirite??

Thankfully that never happened to me, but I heard that if you use your Slam, you’ll eventually die and respawn before the boss arena and you can loot his "corpse"freely.

I suppose you could fast travel as well.

You don’t lose the loot, it goes to your machine on the ship.

I’ve had it happen once so far. If you slam you’ll eventually die after falling for a while though. Then you can go pick up all your loot.

I will try slamming next time, never thought of that.

It happens when the cut scene begins. Eventually you die after falling for awhile.