Fallout 3 Mod: Duke nukem Fallever and its history, and a possible return

I be honest with you guys and gals, i never expected anyone to remember
this old mod project since it has been so long, but ihave gotten quite alot of private messages and emails regarding
the history of the project. So, for the suprisingly, old loyal fans of the old mod, i be giving out the full
history of the mod project, and the possibility of its return.

It all began on an old 2009 news article stating that Duke Nukem Forever was cancelled.
Many forums posts regarding this made me feel compassionate, and i wanted to make something that could
replace Duke Nukem Forever.

This is where Fallout 3 came into play. With its support for mods and all that, it gave me a large
possibility to make something grand in scale.
In the beginning, it was just me, a Duke race with some minor changes to the face, some old Duke Nukem
musics and Duke 3D voices and the V0.1 was released into the Fallout 3 Nexus.
And here in this video, was the result

Please Keep in mind that this video is ancient and i was using an old WIndows Xp with some serious dated hardware
so please dont mind the lag.

Due to the loyal fans of Duke, the mod got quite some praise. Obviously, haters also existed to do
their best to prevent me from working on the mod.
For a whole year the process of working on the mod was difficult, but the moral support from the fans
made me continue the work.

later on, i met a fellow Swedish Guy who was calling himself TheRoadStroker.
he saw potential of my mod and he allowed me to use his Duke nukem model for the mod.
he later made a Pig Cop model that replaces the Super mutants in the game.
At that point, the project was very high up, and it could have reached farther, if it wasnt
for this message i got from an Gearbox employe.

The employe in question who i will remian anonymous, told me to halt the project completely.
upon asking, he/she told me that Duke nukem Forever has been bought and being worked on my GB.
At that point, i respected the wishes of GB for several reasons. One for the game finaly being
released, and second that my mod has served its purpose now that the real deal is finaly comming
out…if only we knew the results.

At the time, we all where crazy over DNF being released, but as we all know, the game dindt end so well
as we all hoped for.
Today, after some thinking, i knew why this employe asked me to stop the mod project.

Beleive it or not, but i think that my project could have drasticly affected the sales of the game,
and GB knew this.

Now, since the game has long since been released and now is a pimple on people’s steam accounts, i think its
time to revive my old mod project.

Now, as i tried to state in an old gearbox post, i wanted to change the project’s name and such.
One name, that got most and only votes was Duke of The Wasteland.
Think that is a good enoguh name? or do you got some suggestion? And no please not Duke Nukem in Fallout, already heard that a thousand times lol.

Cheers guys and gals and hope you enjoyed this little history leason.
And i like to thank you all old fans that sticked with me for this darn long even if it was this dead.

So when will i be releasing the old mod again? Not after til i do some changes.