Fallout Discussion

This is a thread about discussing game series of Fallout.

Stories,mods,rumors,if you have anything Fallout related,post it here!

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Seriously though, I don’t play. Too buggy.


I own New Vegas and I like the consept but I could never got into it.

@daerksiea then why not just get a unofficial patch…?

I love the music. Especially “Big Iron” and "Ain’t that a kick in the head.

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Not talking about real Fallout ie, 1 and 2? Cool, I’m out.

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Theres been 5 posts… thats like complaning that a band didnt play the song you like after just have entered the sceen

Also, are there fake Fallout 1 & 2?

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Fake? Well, Bethesda just rereleased them with their logo in the title screen :imp: That’s fake enough for me.

Here rests a gif that had to be put down do to destroying the webbrowser.
You where good son, real good; might even the best.

Its a Fallout hipster

I’m a Hipster, huh? Really, I didn’t know it was cool to hate Fo3. I thought that the general opinion was that Fo3 was one of the greatest games made in the history of ever.

I legitimately do not like Bethesda and new Fallout. After playing 1 and 2, and learning the history of the franchise, I grew to not like Fo3 and Bethesda. Like when Bethesda said they loved the series and wanted it to go to the right place (I’m forgetting the actual wording). At the bidding was Troika, which was owned by Fallout’s creator Tim Cain. The right place for the series would’ve been to go to it’s creator, but then at the last second Bethesda out bid Troika and turned the series into the Elder Scrolls with Guns.

There’s more reasons, but that’s one of them.

Also, when ever you post a gif, my computer can barely handle it :disappointed_relieved:

Im just kidding, I like to mess with people cause Im a meany.
But your replays without any context looks very I played the game befor it was cool like, with this replay I understand why.

Also about the gif it seems to be a problem with Chrome and this site because Chrome hates big gifs, I will turn it into a url just for you. (dont know if it lags on outher webbrowsers too)

I’ve played fo3 and fonv, I haven’t played the first 2 games. As much as I “like” (not love, LIKE) the fallout franchise, the last 2 games in the franchise tend to have long and convoluted plots, and if you’re used to fast paced games you might find yourself not finishing either game, or taking 12+ months to complete them.

I don’t see what’s bad about this.

It isn’t bad depending on how you look at it, but some people might not want to play a game for over a year.

Got those from GOG for my Mac. Yeah, probably sacrilege to run those games on a Mac, but the alternative is to miss out entirely so…

You can beat the first game in about 20 minutes if you’re good at speed running. My 3rd playthrough of Fo1 took about four hours to almost finish.

I absolutely love the Fallout Series. Here is what my Fallout 3 looks like.

Warning: 3,840 x 2,160 sized images.

First Example

Second Example

Third Example

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I love the lore and the general setting of the series. Never played any before FO3, but everybody has to start somewhere. I love the games, I could get lost for hours in them. Go everywhere, do everything, get involved with everybody. Just the right kind of game for me.

I’m looking forward to more. E3 is hopeful.

I have only played FO3 and New Vegas, platinum both game on ps3 and 360 so far i love the game
I really hope Bethesda announce Fallout 4 soon

I hope so too.

Sshhh, don’t let them hear you. Every time a fan asks for FO4, they push the date back!