Fallout NCR Ranger Veteran

Here’s the build http://bl2skills.com/commando.html#05055000005424500014105505050051
I found a legendary ranger class mod, so I thought about building this. To get the look, wear the burning love skin and the lancer helmet. I use revolvers and sniper rifles similar to the anti material rifle and sequoia. I’ve found the cobra and dp unkempt herald to work awesome. I tried the unforgiven revolver, but could not get it to work. If you find a way let me know! If the cobra is lacking damage, I use the lyuda because it has a wood finish and destroys everything. I use a blast proof bee shield like the ranger armor, and an explosive relic for more damage. If I’m using a lyuda I’ll switch it out for a sniper ammo relic. The bee with this skill tree can stay charged longer, and charges faster. I use the bekah as the marksman carbine, and I use the turret as a fat man launcher to kill any slagged enemies and draw fire. I’ve only tested it with a friend as maya and it worked. I’d recommend the magic missiles or a slagga to paint enemies. I’ve also used the nukem as a fat man and a bouncing bonnie, but take your pick. NCR rangers use tons of different weapons!

Here’s another build with the same perks and a few different guns. I’ve been using it with the ranger look, and it’s tons of fun Op8 Apocalypse Axton Build

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I’ve tried the L. Ranger com and was disappointed but if you can make it work, congrats- you did better than I did :clap:


Why not take a point off in other trees and take the Gemini?

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Last night I was playing and noticed that. Definitely a good choice

I’ll update this in a while but I’m working on a new build that uses a grenedier class mod I just found, I’ll link it in. It doesn’t use the bee and you’re basically a walking apocalypse.

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I linked in the other build, it’s tons of fun! Especially on op8 without needing the bee shield.