Fallout Shelter Mobile Game

Anyone playing this? I’ve been toying around with it the past few days and it’s pretty fun. Curious to know your thoughts.

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…help meeee

I have pretty mutch beaten the game…

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Oh man, you’re nailing it to the wall!

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Full review~
It is a great mobile game, unlike every single other free stragety game on the market it isn’t pay to win and you don’t have to wait for 7 years for stuff to happen.
There are things that take time like for resources to generat and dwellers exploring but building rooms and upgrading them takes no time at all.
It is however a bit to easy as I have a vault that don’t need more resource generators so I got no more space for dwellers and I need more dwellers to unlock rooms so it’s a stalemate.

It is a great game and the whole Fallout theme just makes it better, I hope this game will show other free games that they don’t have to be P2W/Pay or wait.


As soon as Fallout Shelter arrives for Android I’m all over it!


Was wondering why I couldn’t find it in the play store. Have they said when/if the android version will be out?


Been running Fallout Shelter not on my Galaxy S5 but on my PC through BlueStacks. Looks and plays a lot smoother on my 28" Samsung 4K UHD screen. :smile:

Oh man, I bet! That sounds rad!

Anyone in in playing this game in reallife at my home to prepare for doom?

-great game btw, when a friend played it on his phone, it was the very first time I wished to own a smartphone myself^^

If you get a new phone is there any way to get the vault on your previous phone back or do I have to start over?

It’s profile based, right? Like, don’t you have to sign-up/sign-in for it?

I don’t remember any kind of sign up/in to play it, you can have more then one game though.

I need to merge a few screenshots of my vault, it goes down to the lowest possible floor. Haven’t played in forever, though.

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It doesnt seem like I can so I had to start over (I had a MIRV that I got early on out of a lunchbox so that makes me sad) but something seems off. For some reason the game wont connect to Google Play on my new phone. When I select the achiements tab in-game it says “connecting to Google Play” and churns for a second but wont bring the tab up. When I go into the google play app itself it says I am at 0 for every achievement.

I got a new phone as well and had to start over, I thought google would save it but guess not. However I noticed other games with their own account log-in actually saved my stuff. So figured that’s why Fallout didn’t transfer which kind of sucked a little cause I spent money on it :disappointed:

Well i come back from Destiny to see my Gearbox brethren also play Fallout shelter as well :smiley:

Has anyone played since yesterday? Apparently, they gave our vaults halloween decorations. Sound pretty rad.

User title checks out.

Haven’t played in like 4 months.

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I have yet to see any Halloween decorations in my vault.

I have them in one of my living quarters, the rest look normal though.