Fallout Shelter Mobile Game

Interesting. I haven’t even fired mine up yet. Probably should do that!

My only criticism of Fallout Shelter, so far, is when there is a threat (Raider, Deathclaw, Molerat or Fire) the game automatically zooms into the room where the threat is taking place. I don’t want the game to do that. I want to be able to move people from adjacent rooms to the threat quickly without having to first zoom back out.

Edit: Same with when a couple starts dancing or gets together for some Boogie in the Bedroom. I don’t want it to zoom in on them.

Other than that one gripe, I’m loving the game a lot. :smile:

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I just realized something quite important to gameplay. When placing a vault dweller in a room, be aware of which room it is.

For example, there are two rooms for Agility: Diner and Garden. While a vault dweller with strong agility would have 80% happiness in the diner, placing them in the garden would more than likely bump their happiness up to 100% which would increase your overall happiness rating.

I didn’t know how much people were paying attention to that little giblet of detail but thought I’d share anyways just in case. :slight_smile:

I was going to reinstall the game to see if anything new has happend… the damn installation gets stuck, it has been stuck on installing for more then half an hour now
Glob dammit Apple.

Edit: fixed it aaand my old save didn’t get saved… it’s cool I’ll just restart twitch twitch

Just an update… Halloween decorations did finally show-up in my vault after I updated the game through Google Play Store. I was on 1.1.32 and it updated to 1.2.1.

The update did bring in a new issue for me. I had my happiness level to 84%. After the update, everyone in the vault developed 50% radiation poisoning and my happiness rating plummeted to 10%. Then, the game decided to send Deathclaws in, killing a good dozen of my denizens before getting halted. Unsure why this happened but I’m definitely not pleased about it.

Edit: What the hell? Now the people whom I healed their radiation poisoning are slowly getting poisoned again… I don’t know what Bethesda is doing but I certainly do not like it.

Okay mole rats just killed 80% of my vault… thx Bethesda I’m ones agian uninstalling this app

I am putting Fallout Shelter aside; possibly indefinitely. Here are the two major reasons why:

  • I was called away for 14 minutes. I know this as I looked at the time when I left and the time I returned. When I returned, my entire vault was suffering from the the same issue as I previously reported in this thread.

– 10% happiness ratio
– Approximately 70% of my vault was without power
– Every vault denizen had less than 50% health
– Every vault denizen was suffering from 40 to 50% radiation poison
– Even though radiation poison was removed from a denizen and healed, the denizen continued to suffer from being radiation poisoned from an unknown source
– Happiness ratio is improving at a snails pace despite removing radiation poisoning/healing denizens. At this current time 32 minutes have passed and the happiness ratio has rose from 10% to 11%; or, 1%
– To top things off, the game decides to send two deathclaw attacks at me killing 71 (63%) vault denizens of which I am unable to revive due to having spent caps to increase power output, upgrading two food production rooms and building two new stimpack and radaway production labs; which, btw, are currently without power. And, now I’m back down to 10% happiness ratio…

  • Zooming in to raider, deathclaw, fires, molerat infestations, etc. This is the second most irritable issue I have with Fallout Shelter. I do not want my view zoomed in to the any of events listed previously as it delays my ability to address the event in a timely manner. If left zoomed-out I can quickly and easily assign denizens from other rooms to combat the event. As it is, I have to zoom back out and scroll to the closest room to start moving denizens to deal with the event.

To be very clear, I do not use hacks, cheats, etc. Never have, never will as it ruins the gaming experience for me.

You know, I loved Fallout Shelter when it was released. Worked great, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to manage my own vault and actually spent real money on the game. Now, I am very dissatisfied with the events that have taken place in one week. As such, I am submitting a refund request through Google play. I didn’t invest the money into my vault only to have major, game breaking glitches as described above take place which have ruined my experience with Fallout Shelter.

Maybe if Bethesda fixes the issues then I’ll return. If not, then that is the way it is and I’ll leave Fallout Shelter behind as I have many other glitched games.

Are you sure your vault has enough water? If you don’t have enough clean water for everyone then they all get irradiated.