Family Jewel Mission Glitch-HELP! PS4

When Balex is at the computer and the monkey sounds are being made by the lady, you commence by fighting off waves of those monkey animals, after you kill all the monkeys, one is like stuck in the wall someplace, I can see the red dot on the map but it is nowhere to be found, and wont let you proceed until you kill it. I have tried seeking my drone, throwing grenades all over the place, shooting the walls, nothing helps.

I have quit to menu, fast traveled back and forth, it keeps happening. Any suggestions would be great or how to fix this issue.

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im having the same issue on xbox with my friends

It’s awful! I’m on Xbox and this lady screeching monkey noises through my surround sound is giving me anxiety!

Ended up just killing myself and it looks like the glitch stopped. Fingers crossed

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I got this, I threw some grenades at the wall top and bottom and the monkey appeared, but now Balex is stuck at the computer…


Throwing a grenade at the base of the tree right where the red dot is made the monkey appear and I was able to move on.

Yes, I had the monkey stuck and threw the grendade now Balex is also stuck at the computer for me even tho “DefendBalex” is checked off. This sucks cause the same thing happened to my on my last playthrough on chapter 22. Were you able to get him moving again @bubbleshizz?

I had to leave the area and come back and the next objective came up

Use explosives or electric grenades to fish him out,I had this glitch problem in a couple situations,I always keep a quantom
tracker nade on me just in case

Help! I’m stuck in the first “defend balex” area. No bots spawned. Tried suiciding, tried reloading, tried doing another mission, tried walking back through the portal from Floodmor Basin. Yet, there are still no bots to defend Balex from.

I have a same problem. Balex is keep typing forever and no bots is spawning. Please help us.

Save and quit. Works everytime I get a glitch.

I am also stuck in the “Defend Balex” He is just typing in the keyboard and no bots spawned to defend him. Tried porting to sanctuary and going back still no bots. Tried walking to another map via map portals still no joy. Restarting the game still does not work. Created another character as my last resort method to fix the game and now it’s stuck in the same “Defend Balex” mission. Am done…

Save and quit usually fixes things like this for me.
I did have the problem with the Jabber not coming out like others in this thread. After I did save and quit, had to fight the Jabbers all over again.Had same problem.
To me it looks like if you kill the Jabbers too quickly, this problem happens. On the third try I didn’t just decimate the Jabbers immediately, and let a couple survive much longer than I normally would. Pretty soon everybody was accounted for and the mission progressed.

My point being maybe it is not always a good idea to totally wipe everybody out too quickly :slight_smile:

Same problem,
Mission: The Family Jewel
Defend BALEX [ ] (unchecked)
Locate Key fragment [ ] (unchecked)
Robot is just typing on the keyboard and enemies are not respawning, tried to reload game, suicided, traveled to Sanctuary and came back. Nothing helped. Here’s screenshot of exact place that I’m stuck in

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This is the exact mission am stuck. Two gameplays stuck in here.

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Jammed up here as well on ps4. Will try grenades and exiting area.

Not working. the waypoint reading shows it to be on the 2nd floor and I’m on the 1st. Can’t find my way to the second. Anyone help with how to get up there? Thanks.

Same thing here, tried everything i could think of and its still bugged in the same spot.

What happened to me: Went to the objective, Balex started his typing animation and said his voice line and that’s it, from videos on YT of how the whole quest goes i figure the whole issue is that the security bots your supposed to fight wont spawn at all, thus you cant continue…

If someone finds a way to fix this please post, by this point i’m willing to use some form of console commands or cheats ect.

Same issue here, tried pretty much everything but nothing happens

Two gameplays stuck in the same mission. I’m so fed up with this game.