Fan Art, FastRecharge

I’ve played them all, and Borderlands is still my favorite. I started getting into art last year, and this year I’m putting my talents towards this great game. Obviously there are artists who can do a lot better things than me. I like to focus on simple, 2D art.

If anyone wants to try cleaning these up on their computer, larger resolutions (as well as a BL2 FireHawk logo) are available here:


These would make great decals in custom maps!

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Mine to! They’ll go great as overlay’s don’t you agreed @Dopefiend?

@Mr_GJ I agree. I really like the sledge one. It is nice to see fresh new content.

@FastRecharge Would you mind if I was to ever use these in my custom maps? I would add you to the list of credits if you didn’t mind.

Would definitely love to see more of your work.

Use whatever you like. I’m glad it is appreciated and I will continue to do more.

This one is not that great, but I had fun.

I’m very excited. I just bought the PC version and I am looking at the package files. Finally, no more holding a camera up to the TV screen. I hope to have some great new content soon.

So…That was really easy. If you can think of ANYTHING from the game you want to see, let me know and I’ll try to find it.