Fan art on what would be Kriegs favorite gun? or just comment some ideas

Just thought about what would Krieg’s dream weapon would look like. Please share, no matter what your skills at atr are :smile:

Do we have to choose from existing ones? Or can I make one up.

Because the answer is simple;

A SWORDSPLOSION!!! that fires Buzzaxes instead of Swords.

You’re welcome.

THANK YOU. :smile: also i am looking for concept art, BUT improving already existing masterpieces is awesome too. I don’t particularly like the skin on SWORDSPLOSSION! that much doe.

Could always slap a bit of a Bandity skin on it.

I feel as though Canonically, Krieg was meant to be seen sporting a Shotgun/Grenades. Other than his famous Buzzaxe.

I’m speaking solely of the fact that I think his only direct boosts are for those two.

He has AMAZING synergy with both, Shotguns are perfect on Krieg, salt the wound is almost OP.

Can you believe I haven’t used Salt the Wound in ages?

I used to use it all the time, but my current build is centered around tanking and can’t spare much.

Yeah is not an absolute must, but holy crap is soooo good with some of my favorite melee-shotgun builds.

(Sorry mate, I’m not trying to hijack your thread one last comment).

I WISH I could add it in to my build seemlessly.

I miss running and gunning with that build.

Nah bruh, comment as much you like, that is not what this particular topic is for, but it really does not matter, also can you perhaps pm me about your build and your com? unless you are busy.

CAAAAAAAAAAAAARNAAAAGEEEEEE. Well, actually all explosive stuff.
Maybe. Always depend which skill tree you run.

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Read the description of the thread. I should of put Krieg’s gun concept art.

That Bandit assault rifle?

Well, anything that can deals slag and explosive damage at the same time.

OMG, YES!!! btw, why cant we post anything with a small amount of words in it?

The dream weapon for my Krieg would be a Splasher Blashter, would be my permanent weapon if not for the extremely high ammo cost per shot.

I love them too, but trying to get a good one is REALLY difficult. Also imagine an explosive one.