[Fan Content] "Looking for.. and channels" website (Alpha), would be great if we have feedback!

I want to share with you a project in which some friends and I have been working on. The website is called: https://www.Quickplaymatch.com . The idea of the site is to find people to play with, there are a lot of problems right now looking for players on consoles in the player’s region. We also develop channels per game so gamers can gather there and create sessions to organize a game. It’s important to understand that the website is in ALPHA and it’s new, that why we need people to test all the features and with that, make the necessary changes.

You will notice that you need to register to use the site and that’s because we have friend lists, profile, create LFM sessions, saved LFM sessions, personal chats, channels and favorite channels. In the near future we want to add some extra features and link the e-sports community, that’s why we add the register form (just an email and a password, that’s it).

It would be great if you give us your feedback and share the site with your friends. Thank you!!!


This definitely should be moved to general discussion (and possibly pinned there) so more people see it. This is a fantastic idea and I wish you the best with running it

Thank you man! i sent this post to the general discussion but i think the moderators sent it to fan creations.

Really thank you for your comment. I’ll try to move the post =)

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