Fan fiction/cosplay questions

Idk if this is really the best place to ask these buuut I’m curious and would really like to start fiddling with writing and cosplay.

So I’m a Terrible artist. I just don’t understand color theory but would like to try cosplay. Would cosplayers look down on me for buying props that I just can’t make look right myself? (I’m going to try my best though! Haha)

As for fan-fiction, What liberties are we allowed to take with the characters? I would hate to offend the creators of the character or the community if I went too far into the future or some other thing that may not be canon if I interpret something wrong.

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@NatsumeRyu I think knows more about cosplay than I do so he could help there.

As far as fan-fictions go the hardest thing would be staying somewhat true to the characters. If you are too far off on their personality then you run the risk of making that character’s die hard fans angry. Other than that it’s free game and you can do pretty much anything. I know that @Benedict_87 and @EdenSophia do an amazing job of staying on character with their fan fictions. Maybe they can help.

I can not help with art. At all.


if you’re worried about upsetting folks, im afraid youre out of luck- someone, somewhere is always upset, lol.

a ton of cosplayers only make what theyre comfortable with and get help or purchase other parts.

i almost exclusively work in armor/robot bits - im no help with fabric. so youll see a phoebe and rath couple - i helped her with the armor, and she did all the sewing! :slight_smile:

and while i understand color theory (college) and can make just about any color with just a few base paints, im bad at designing my own characters- in that way i fail at color theory. so i wouldnt worry too much about it.

in the end it just depends on you.
play to your strengths, do what you want to do- doesnt matter if youre experienced or not! :slight_smile:


Cool. So bring the right personality and make the character Feel like the character. The say mission or conflict that arises can be something unique? Cool thanks.

That’s awesome! Thanks for the tips. I feel less nervous about it now.

You don´t need to study art to be artist. I´ve no clue about “color theory” but I work as professional artist, sculptor and prop builder.
Most things just need some time and you´ve got to be crazy enough to try - then you can built almost everything :heart:

To craft Cosplay props is ALOT of fun and I highly recommend to give it a try. If you need any help or tips I´m happy to help you out.

Foam sheets, paper–mache, apoxy clay, polymerclay and light woods are great starter materials. And the hotglue-gun will get your best friend^^
With foam sheets and hotglue you can do alot of different things, from armor, helmets, shields even clothes.
Here a tutorial I made for an Borderlands-TPS Aspis, maybe it gives you some ideas
-> How to craft: Athenas Aspis - Tutorial/Workthrough

Sewing is another story, I´m no pro at it but I can´t say its very hard. Most important is to try, you´ll learn alot with every little project.


That will most definitely help! My tattoo artist said a lot of supplies go on sale this Friday so I’m going to start making a list.

You did the one where orendi had to be fancy right at a party

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Do you have a link? Sounds like a good read.

That aspis is amazing
(She and baroness fight often for who is my favorite character)

Yep, that was it!

That was a really good read, you really stayed true to the characters

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The key is to become the character.
Back when I was writin’ my Reyna fanfiction… yeah everybody knows now… thanks A LOT NOVA!!!
Anyway… back when I was writin’ my Reyna fanfiction, I kept bangin’ my head against the walls wonderin’ why it didn’t sound like her. And then I realized… oh sh*t!!! It’s cuz I’m writin’ as me!

So I did some research, looked up her bios, her comments on the Free Solus Forums, her public statements… and I tried to get inside her head. And it worked. When I wrote her, it sounded like her. And I was happy. Until Nova shared it with everybody and they all laughed at me. It’s not like I had a CRUSH on Reyna, like a certain OTHER Aviant I know. I just wrote an ass kicking adventure comic where we kicked ass together.


  1. Research the characters - Make sure anything you say about 'em is canon. This is helpful if you don’t have the lore unlocked… SPOILER ALERT…
  2. Research their voices - Listen to how they talk, read the way they write, and try to think of how they’d respond in certain situations.
  3. Try to get inside their heads - Think about why they say what they say, why they’d do the things they do, and what it says about ‘em personally. This thread is somethin’ I started for fun in the Off Topic section to give people practice gettin’ conversational with their characters/have a little fun. Feel free to jump in as anyone you want anytime…



You know… like this Chinese rain forest spider.


After that, you just practice, come up with an interesting/funny/serious/whatever situation involving the characters you’re most comfortable with, and post something publicly when you want to get feedback, or you really think you’ve made somethin’ cool.

Feel free to message me if you’d like some feedback or something.

And remember… be the leaf.
Incidentally, have I mentioned Oscar Mike’s been tryin’ to get into botany?
Well… for purely educational purposes, I sent him this article…

Grabs pistachios. Waits outside aeroponics bay. Hears terrified screams and gunfire. Door opens, bits of plants come flying from the room. Alarms sound. Benedict is happy. :laughing:


I can’t think of anything to say at the moment but I really enjoyed that post and it made my night.


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Alternately, you can do what I do and apply minimum effort. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been tagged in this topic, but I’m not the right person to ask. My topics are more parody than fanfiction. I’m not especially concerned about what’s canon, what’s true to the characters, and various other elements that have been flagged by everyone else as essential. Basically, any resemblance between my writing and Battleborn either living or dead is purely coincidental.


Breaking Character…

I would argue that your parodies are so effective because you nail the character voices perfectly and are familiar enough with them to make them sound effective. Even non-canon satire/parody silliness demands an understanding of the characters and the universe to know which elements can be changed/altered/messed with for the greatest comedic effect.

Also if your work is “minimum effort,” maximum effort must be like… a Mellka Mona Lisa. :relaxed: