Fan made Homeworld videos

I would like to see this video in 4k and in remastered environment :smile:


Second video i ever made :stuck_out_tongue:

Do not disturb the hornets nest!


That hornets nest video is beautiful! :joy:

This one of mine is quite fan-made heh.
I had made a fan-made cutscene while noobing around with AfterEffects few years back.

Music is from HW:Cataclysm.

These vids are not mine but they were and now more than ever are a great support for the community. These are fan vids most likely created by former college students for their diplomas etc.

A video showing a fan Taiidan Light cruiser - the Naar-Mah Class.
Another fan video obviously inspired by Homeworld but showing unknown ships.

Cute video.

a small skirmish between a corvette and a fighter.

a music video with custom cinematic animations.

inspired by Homeworld.

A small skirmish between 2 squadrons of Hiigarans and Vaygr…

What a heavily fortified installation:

Kharak in flames:

Homeworld in Crytek Engine - looks good:

Best quality vid thus far:

There were more good videos back then but I can’t find em anymore. They are either lost or I simply can’t find em anymore.

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If you’ll forgive a bit of self-promotion, I’m still quite proud of this video and everything in it.

And some more vids:

Hiigaran Fleet in Blender rendering.

Interesting fly bys…

A nice homage to Homeworld.

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