Fan the Flames vs. Bask in the Light

What are people’s thoughts about Fan the Flames (+50% sunspot health) vs. Bask in the Light (-20% sunspot cooldown time)? They both seem very good for a healer. Do you think having more frequent but lower health sunspots makes it harder for your opponents to take them out? Or are the larger health sunspots preferred? Does your opinion change if I’m planning to take Solar Anomaly (3 sunspots maximum)?

Thanks to anyone for their help and opinion.

Cooldown for Sunspots is no longer an issue for Ambra. I’d say take the increased health, generate some heat, and keep popping staff shots to roll those fat sunspots out double-time.

I find the health to be marginally useful, but having a Sunspot where you need it when you need it allows you to be much more effective.

I’ve always gone for health because I heal my sunspots to heal all allies in the area and debuff all enemies in the area(both through the level 1 left option and the pacifier) and I heal my sunspots to sustain it and let my team push better at the same time so cool down isn’t a worry for me

What do you play on? @loving-hatred

PS4, and yourself?

Ps4 I was asking because I have seen an ambra that plays similar to you

Don’t know the name though just had pacifier and a similar play style

Increased health. Especially because you’re choosing increased susnpots.

I find the cooldown more useful. When one of your Sunspots gets popped or when your team are spread out somewhat it’s easier to just put another Sunspot down. I also find it more useful when your team are moving from location to location. Your team don’t need to run back to a Sunspot if you can cast another. When the Sunspots are on a short cooldown I like to keep one by my team and use another to harass the other team.

I can see if you wish to fuel the Sunspots with Ambra’s mutation the extra health could be useful but I’d personally rather be keeping my eye on the other team rather than my Sunspot.

I do sometimes find myself wishing for the extra health sunspots but if I need to keep healing I can use the staff to heal team mates in between.

I would expect playing the Sunspot feeding Ambra would work really well with Kleese. You could build a small fort and get someone like Ghalt to drag people into a world of pain. :skull_crossbones:

Awesome feedback. Much thanks from all. It seems that there is no consensus. I think I’m going to try both and see which seems to be more effective.

I find the extra health way more useful since you can reduce their already quick cooldown with heat strikes. With the additional health you also don’t have to baby sit the spots as much which is nice.

before the buff last patch id have said cooldown, now i think sunspot health but i think both are viable