Fan the Hammer: an analysis of a broken playstyle

The new Taser pistol will be great for Nisha. Very high elemental effect chance. 24% chance, but being a pistol with such a high fire rate, combined with the fire rate buffs, this gun will pile on the DOT for days.

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I got a redundant so I have to be careful using it with Nisha but it is a nice weapon. I like it way more than Excalibastard?

Mission rewards are farmable, you know.

Yeah, but I wasn’t planning on staying at level 50 very long and didn’t want to invest any time getting a reward I was going to presumably make obsolete.

That said the Cryo T4s-R at level 50 is still very very useful to me at level 57. I hadn’t considered that.

I just read your post. Sorry for being late to the game(per usual). But I couldn’t resist saying “Gearbox listened to you Chuck” They resolved your issue by providing the Luck Canon. You’re welcome! :wink:

And if replying to an old post is frowned upon, they should close them. Just saying…


It was already possible with Jakobs pistols before the LC, but petty much every other brand gets ammo issues. :slight_smile:

And Nisha has so many fire rate boosts, especially in that tree, that are wasted because Jakobs are semi auto :frowning:

Not as efficiently, imo. Luck canon really stood out as the go to because of the ammo issues she faces. The maggie runs through more ammo than the LC, at least with my play style. The LC just seems like the piece to the puzzle that was missing. But again, this is just a gamers glance. I don’t have any depth to my statement. just experience. :slight_smile:

I also feel that there is a little balance involved. She is severely OP.

There is only a 1/3 of one skill that is wasted on Jacobs pistols. After that, like someone said before, I think they didn’t really make a broken skill tree based on the name. As that is what you do with semi-auto revolvers. (Although I do agree OFEoY should have had each Jacobs pistol shoot every time you pulled the trigger. Instead of firing 1 of them randomly.)

Yes some of the skills could have been better, and it could have catered to more pistols than just Jacobs. But just think of it as a Critical Ascension type balance. You don’t have the ammo to really make use of the maximum potential of the skill/skill tree, but it is still plenty powerful without it.

Plus if fits with the whole old west sheriff theme. Which is part of the reason these characters are designed better the BL2’s.

exactly my point in regards to having “balance” in that tree.

OFEOY is much better with auto pistols. A skill that costs 1 skill point, that doubles your fire rate, doubles your magazine size and doubles your crit bonus from guns… I only wish I could use it with …say… the other 2/3rds of the pistols in the game.

There is only one character in the game I could ever see myself using a Vladof pistol with, and it’s not Nisha. With Athena, since she can’t aim down sights half the time anyway, so a macine pistol is good for her. Especially since she needs high fire rate to keep Maelstrom stacks high. Of course, I have never found a good elemental Anarchist for her, ever. Only time I’ve even seen one is in the hands of other players.

I’ve never been a huge fan of fire rate buffs. It just seems like there’s a point of dimishing returns where you’re just missing more shots, and wasting ammo. I figured out early on that Nisha was meant to get the most out of Jakobs guns. That’s why she has skills like Magnificent 6, that boosts non elemental guns. Or Tombstone to make every shot potentially crit. And while I did occasionally use other types of guns as the situation called for it, lasers, rockets, smgs, I mained Jakobs guns from 1 to 70 with her, and had a blast doing it. Hell, I made a 50 Two Fer Maggie last to level 59 in UVHM, and then made a 59 replacement in the Grinder that lasted to level 70. I’ve never wanted to use the other manufacturers pistols with her.

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OFEOY really makes me wish the Unforgiven and Rex had been in TPS. Having a second gun with its own firing delay would mean bypassing the slow fire rate on every other shot. Depending on your own trigger speed and fire rate buffs you could even fire a pair of Unforgivens as fast as a pair of Irons.
I’m surprised with the way Fan The Hammer is set up we never got a slow fire rate semi-auto pistol at all. It would have been an amazing compliment.

Isn’t she pretty? :heart_eyes: