Fan Theories :D

What’s your favorite/most plausible fan theories? from any show.
one of my favorites is willa wonka has a killer who staged the accidents and was grooming charlie to continue his work.

and also toy story: andy’s parents are getting divorced. No dad present ever, and there downsizing…

I think Cartman likely watchs german shizar firms, haha

I like number 4 and hope someone goes back in time and makes number one happen.

I’d say my most FAVORITE theory, but i’d be burned at the stake by the church.

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Ash (from pokemon) is actually in a coma and all the girls you meet are past/present girlfriends of his. Certainly explains why he hasn’t aged a day in several years and survives being struck by thunderbolts multiple times.

That is all.

I hate that theory, its stupid and has plotholes.
Who would have had like 8 girlfriend ween they where ten?
The Ho-oh theory is mutch better and mutch more possible, imo.

Dude are you forgetting Gary?

I never said it didn’t have plot holes (I’m willing to bet 16 year olds or younger originally came up with with so plotholes/logic failure is very possible especially since I originally came across it on gamefaqs) but it makes more overall sense than Ash and co. not aging a day even though years have passed (or they get around very fast and it’s been only ~4-5 days since him leaving home on his “epic” journey). Do agree that it’d be hard to imagine having that many g-friends so my personal amendment to it is that the females aren’t necessarily g-friends just girls he’s meet before his coma (school, online, etc.)

I’m still convinced Handsome Jack is a tiny Rakk Hive.

Incorrect, there was a tiny Rakk Hive behind his mask but he wasn’t the tiny Rakk Hive.

Well if there was a tiny Rakk Hive where is brain should be and it was controlling his body somehow, I’d still say he was in fact a tiny Rakk hive.

But yes my mistake.

And we all know it’s really scooter in disguise. (That was actually my theory before Bl2 released, since Scooter didn’t appear in the trailer, you can’t imagine the joy on my face when I heard that line)

The Rakk hIve isn’t where his brain should be, but rather where his face should be.
Hmm… maybe we could merge the two theories you mentioned into one?
There’s a tiny Rakk Hive where his face should be and Jack is really Scooter in disguise?