[Fan Trailer] What Is BATTLEBORN?

Hello fellow badasses

Whenever I browse through the annals of the internet, I see people trying to define what Battleborn is. It always devolves into a weird conversation about how its some fusion of MoBA, FPS, RPG and swiss cheese and heroes and mushrooms and penguins and—my point is there’s a lot of confusion. Tell me if this fan trailer does a good job of answering the question: What Is Battleborn?

[Fan Trailer] What is BATTLEBORN?


Nice video but I feel like it didn’t answer the question. It’s just a short list of features.

What is more, that question - what is Battleborn? - is probably the most important for this game, because it stand out of everything we have in gaming industry today. And unfortunately GBX’s PR failed to deliver the answer to this question to wide audience.