Fan Video about Borderlands

Hi guys! I want to make a fan video about Borderlands aaaand i decided to ask players what you like about this game, what would be fan to see in this video (maybe cool guns, chaos etc), maybe some associations.
It’s is my personal research because I’m a fan of this game and I want to make it for other fans so it will be interesting to know people’s opinions :slight_smile:
Let’s have a little discussion, it will help a lot!

I make these for myself for fun (don’t publish them except the Random ones)… they basically follow four formats, though they are all set to a song that I like:

  • A series of vignettes from the game of fun/random bits: I may time their cadence to match their songs (they’re built kind of like Gearbox’s release trailers, so it’ll start with a bunch of big enemy spawns that have neat animation and go to more intense combat pieces, with liberal use of slow motion so I can sink my teeth into what may happen in a fraction of a second).
  • A sustained set of combat: I love watching maybe a dozen active game mechanics in play in tandem for more than a second or two, so this is some of the most intense mobbing I could produce.
  • Manufacturer commercials: It will start with some audio piece from the radio commercials or omitted dialog from the game files with a logo in the background, then step into song showing a character working over a mob with that brand of gear, and end with another audio quip with the logo.
  • Random stuff: Unusual events from the game, ranging from twelve to ninety seconds. These are set to little snippets of music that I think fit the theme of the video.

Borderlands is a high-energy game (usually), and that’s fun to capture in a video (cool guns and chaos sounds right). It’s’ a tall order to try to pick music that everyone is going to like, so pick your favorite (we can mute it if the music rubs us the wrong way… most music in Borderlands combat videos I find atrocious, so I just mute it).


thank you for so nice and big response! also i wonder - which colors you associate with game? i’m trying to do a mood board and…so many thoughts, some yellowish dusty colors (like pandora and wastelands i’m thinking of) for sure and maybe some in promethea’s mood?
i know, i know that’s abstract question but what you think?

The entire game (BL3) has several palettes at work, but each planet might have a single identifying palette. Pandora has several landscapes, but if we saw a picture of a dusty, rocky, trashy wasteland, we’d ID it in a second. Eden-6 with a jungle palette, Promethea with a neon palette, etc.

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It might not have the coherence of @Adabiviak’s entrees as a whole, but you could probably grab some ideas from this thread.

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thank you for sharing :relaxed:

Put in a clip of some dude being ragdolled by a pointblank shotgun blast, and you’ll have me covered.


what do you mean?

Nuke sends a Loader flying through a Landscaper trap? Not point blank, but this guys ragdoll game is on point.