Fanart of Zer0 the Assassin

As this is my first post, I am excited to share with everyone some fanart I drew of Zer0 the Assassin.

This top drawing is one that I drew today during my commercial art class (We get to doodle a lot, so I drew this while taking a break from a project in said class)! I used a… I believe a micron pen or something like that to draw this.

As for this drawing… Uh. I drew this drawing earlier this month because I was like “I realllllllly wanna draw Zer0…” soooooo, I did! I used the same micron pen as well as a silver gel pen and also a red marker for the 0 on Zer0’s visor, the class mod, and the 0 on Zer0’s chest area (I’ll call it a chestplate/breastplate).

I will most likely draw other characters in the near future, but I hope you all enjoyed these drawings as much as I did while drawing them!