Fanart "Wonders of Solus" + Happy BB-day!

HAPPY BATTLEBORN-DAY to all Badasses out there! :two_hearts:

For the occasion I finally came to color my “Wonders of Solus” Fanart , which I started drawing October 2015.
I hope you guys like it!

Now its finally done, purely handpainted by BIC-pen and Copic-markers. I´m really happy how it turned out, considered its the only picture I came to color in 2016 :sob:
I hope I´ve more time for drawing soon…

Yes, I made a topic over a year ago with the outlines, but did´nt wanted to necro it.

Here the link for the uncolored lines -> Wonders of Solus - Battleborn Fanart by Ganjamira

More Battleborn-Fanart from me -> Battleborn Fancraft <3 Update: New Stuff 4.19.2017


It’s miko YES

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Though I rarely play Miko I just adore its design :heart:
And most important: The beetle from the launch trailer. I LOVE DIS BUG!!! :beetle:

I hope there will be cute little bugs in the Ekkunar DLC. I always looked out for the cutie on Eldrid-maps during the Beta^^


I remember that ol beetle that thorn saved, it was awesome

Daaaaaaaaanng. That is seriously good work, especially if it was done old school with pen and paper. Also had a look at your old thread and that Eldrid pendant is super cool. Man, I wish my hand still worked because I really wanna make one now for myself!

Side note - have you ever done any jewelry work with metal?

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BIC pen, as in, those little ball point things? Hory shet!

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Hehe, yes, exactly these ball point thingies^^
I used to carry one with me all time and so I drew alot in trains, outside or in the bus. After a while it grew on me.