Fanarts - My small to be completed collection

So, I’ve been making a few Borderlands fanarts. I mainly use fanart to get “unstuck” from an art block, with simple compositions, and also the fact that the characters and universe are not mine but well defined help me not having to think at all while drawing, or overthinking things. Overthinking leads to… yeah, art block.

The first I tried was Mr. Torgue.

A few months later, went with M.Blake. While I do love the character, I haven’t been on point with his face expression, he’s more subtle than the demonic grin I just gave him over there. So maybe I’ll draw him again someday.

Another favor… okay, all the characters I upload here are somewhat favorites since they’re the first I thought about drawing anyway. So, Nakayama. I was pleased to see him in the Pre-Sequel.

Aaaaand… Hammerlock now. This… I had to draw him twice because I got lost in the details and my proportions were failed. Luckily, when you draw and ink a picture once, simply redrawing it takes way less time. It was also a n interesting exercise to…er… try to get all the details.

Scarlett. Because I love pirates, and I love badass female characters.
No, there isn’t much more to add to this statement.

And last one in the collection is Shade. I’d probably have a hard time bearing him IRL, but in a video game that’s aaaaaall right. I don’t like people who are overly sticky. But he’s still adorable.

Now, with time, I do see some things I’d love to correct on these pictures (the too dark background for Hammerlock for exemple or the very odd shading/muscle definition on Torgue), but overall I’m content. I’d gladly say who I am going to draw next, but I have no idea myself.

For a while I even wanted to make a little fan comic for fun, and the first page is somewhere on my hard disk, but right now I aaaaam… slightly crawling under administrative and work tasks so that will wait for me to breath some fresh air.

I’m a late bird, but that’s a bit how I am : I tend to pop in fan communities when it’s all calmer.

I’m somewhat tempted to go for Baha or Tannis for the next one.


Both excellent choices, but may I request Tannis?


Me too.
Love your stuff! :+1:

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Seems like Tannis has got a little preference over here! I’ll go with Tannis, I haven’t drawn enough female characters so it will balance a bit o/

That Torgue one is great. :laughing:

Badass. Keep it coming…