Fanatical Key Redemption Not Showing in Library UPDATE post 33 response from Fanatical

Last night, I redeemed my code for the Super Deluxe Edition (purchased from Fanatical) in the Epic Launcher. The code appeared to redeem successfully, however the game has not appeared in my library. On the Store page for Borderlands 3, the yellow icon to pre-order/purchase the game now reads “unavailable” for all 3 versions of the game. Several other people appear to be having the same issue with Fanatical keys in this thread:


Can confirm everyone who ordered with fanatical has this issue, including me D:

Same issue here, bought from fanatical. Many others are reporting same.

its currently 1 am at there HQ in north carolina, so might be another 8 hours or so before we get replies

from twitter, supposedly a reddit post saying since fanatical is 3rd party, we wont get preloading, im looking for that post

As long as it shows up in the library when the game releases, I’m fine. Mainly just concerned even that won’t happen haha.

That’s BS no? GMG is also thirdparty and they got their preloads.

yeah was gonna say GMG got there preorders, so its some BS is going down, first the fanatical keys were late by a day (look it up on there twitter) and now there keys are acting like retail keys, instead of preorder keys.

This isnt gonna make EGS or fanatical look good if this isn’t fixed properly and quickly

As long as it shows up in your redeem codes, i think we will be all good, its just annoying that other 3rd parties are getting preloads while we dont

off topic but atleast we weren’t stung like this

EGS store blaming fanatical saying its a problem with them

well fanatical support opens in 2 hours time (there office hours is 9am UK time, currently 7 am there)

it legit says in redeemed codes that its a preorder so its not the wrong keys, I dont see how it could be fanaticals fault as epic provided the keys?

the codes probs came from 2k and they were given the wrong codes maybe, who knows best wait 2 hours or so for fanatical to realise they should of put some night staff on after seeing the hell going down on there twitter yesterday

it seems we were meant to get 2 keys, 1 for the game and 1 for preorder bonuses

and it seems we only got given the preorder bonus keys

ooooooh, that makes sense

just another 1.5 hrs before fanatical opens its support doors and gets flooded with messages

that is quite the mess up then lol

They better get those keys out fast so I can start preloading on my dialup internet.

about 1 hour to go til they open, so fingers crossed its within the next 3 hours its fixed

or we might have to get a lil angry and asks for a “sorry” present

what a ■■■■ show DX

fanatical is starting to reply to tweets now, and have put this as a priority to solve