Fanfiction: Exile's Return I

WHAT?! Ummm… runs screaming from room…

Sadly yes :frowning:

Though Tyler’s looking into creating an archive.

“It’s sa-ad (so sad), so sa-ad. It’s a sad sad situation…” :’(

I’m considering taking this up again over the summer. If I do I’ll likely brush up the existing chapters a bit as it’s been LITERAL YEARS OH GOD SORRY since I’ve done anything with it. I imagine it’d be posted in bursts of 5 or so at a time edited together similar to how I’ve been writing my actual book. (More on that coming very soon as well)

I don’t know. I like my characters for this and don’t wanna see their story sit in perpetual limbo. even though this is technically a rewrite… We’ll see. I’ve had many ideas for this come up and have thrown them into a bullet point document to collect digital dust. It’s all a matter of balancing my time and not promising things to then not follow through on them, as I’ve done far too often.

I also need practice with specifically military scifi to do the next couple books after the above mentioned one. It is not my forte. Yes. The book is done-ish. It’s sitting at 110,000 words waiting for me to do the final editing pass. It’ll likely go up as an ebook while I go through the long and tedious process of properly publishing it. See? I didn’t do nothing with this colossally long break. Just nothing homeworld-related… except for legos. Because legos are easier and more fun.

Soban out.


WELL NOW. I have stuff coming up in the next month or so for this, but for now, check out what’s been eating away at my time for the past… several years? I wrote a book! And it’s on amazon. The ebook is available pretty much anywhere, but the paperback is only available at these amazon stores (until I can figure out how to fix that)07 PM

Link to the eBook

Link to the Paperback

And because I’m nice and I owe the homeworld community a bunch, here’s a free copy just for you guys.


Achievements. THIS is one ! Congrats ! :thumbsup:

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