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TL;Don’t give a damn - If you want to start reading the fic right away, here you go:
Tales of the Vjel-Amaj - Book I - Aira’s Quest
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Note that you can also start reading from any Book/Installment. They were written for anybody to catch up. A small recap is almost in every installment.

Considering updates of whatsoever related to fics, I will be posting the URLs via forum replies here directly in this thread, for those who concern about learning the latest updates. No spam intended.

Well, here’s my thread on personal fanfics I’ve written and that I’m still developing, all related to Homeworld 1, 2 and the redheaded stepchild sequel known as Cataclysm. I will do my best to save you walls of text =). Each installment comes with a short description. Also, despite their links, it is written so that any new reader can hop right in.

[b]Fanfiction category: adventure, spiritual, military, scifi (duh) - other suitable categories left out to avoid spoiling.

Lead female characters - truly so, not the cliché "strong female ones"
Original Kiith/clan - Worldcrafting never been so much fun.
Scifi Adventure - Small cruiser, big troubles, even bigger universe, not the “my awesome ship and my crew” sort of story
Military - Tactical, realistic - You like Xcom? °w°
HOMEWORLD - Keeping it true with what makes Homeworld so awesome.

In general, the Tales of the Vjel-Amaj series is an anthology-style setup of a several fanfictions; primarily circled around the spiritual girl known as Aira - a Bentusi Navigation Entity in form of a young foreign lady - who servesf the nimble titular Bentusi cruiser in the hands of an original kiith at the edge of Hiigaran space. Aira soughts greatly for her Homeworld that is myriads and myriads of Light-Years away, and has yet to understand her existance by all means of spirituality, phyisology and sociology. The story is her journey to enlightenment through the hardships of the world she now exists in.

TOVJ in general takes place only a mere year or two after the Hiigaran-Vaygr war of HW2. Other installments take place in either years prior to HW2 or directly in the past (HW:Cataclysm/ 15 years after Hiigaran Landfall).

The story also follows the life of the female Hiigaran Commander and war veteran who learns the spiritual prophecy of this girl and who also discovers salvation in all wrong she has been seeing in every Vaygr she hates to the flesh and bone.

Note: The fics are mostly hosted on the Relicnews Forums. links will also be presented, however the formatting has yet to be resolved, so it is recommended to use the Relicnews Forums link.

Also, the first installement was written at the time I was getting back to English, so please excuse the faulty diction at times. Revision is in progress.

It is certainly too early to be asking for feedback as new users have yet to play Homeworld 1 and 2 through (and Cataclysm, if you can find it - HIGHLY SUGGESTED THAT YOU PLAY IT), but I am very open to constructive criticism and sugggestions of any kind. Feel free to comment here or at any platform of your likings where I can be found =)..

Tales of the Vjel-Amaj - Book I - Aira’s Quest
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(Completed/Revision in progress)

Lead Role: Aira. Hailynn Delixa.

The orphaned foreign girl, Aira, is an enigmatic crew member of the Vjel Amaj, a starship cruiser serving the Kiith Amaj. Venturing into the star system shrouded by its dead super gas giant, Aira confronts her fate and distant heritage.
It is here where Aira’s true quest for enlightenment begins…

The Kiith Amaj, the young but proud vigilant clan that endures
support to those in need. Established only a few years ago, some will
say that the Kiith Amaj is more likely a nation born only a single night
ago. It is AHL117, only two years after the Hiigaran-Vaygr war that has left both sides in a shattered state. Ever since the Kiith Amaj’s recent call of independence, the politics of the Hiigaran Empire have neglected this frail world as punishment for its betrayal to the weakened empire.

Ever since receiving a controversial distress signal, the Kiith Amaj’s only deep space cruiser, the enigmatic Vjel-Amaj, dares to disembark beyond the red line of the Kiith Amaj, to take on a dangerous deep space rescue mission against all given odds and orders of disregarding the mission… to retrieve the very people they distrust the most who are stranded at a single star system… well deep inside the world of a dead hyper gas giant…

Captain… It’s just that simple, right? Get in. Retrieve them. Get out. We’ve got the fastest vessel in the frontier. We… We can do it. Our ship is the only one that can make it to the rally point. It is our chance to prove those damn politicians what we veterans are capable of. What could possibly go wrong?

  • Jefet’ne Commander Hailynn Delixa, private conversation with the Captain.

Reviews (
Reviews (TVTROPES/Fanfics) (Fic has been ongoing since, contrary to the comment of a Dead Fic. Continuation below.

Tales of the Vjel-Amaj - Book II: A Rogue’s Pride
Relicnews Forums

(complete/Revision pending)

Lead Role: Hailynn Delixa. Aira.

One month after the tragedy of the previous mission, Hailynn barely reassembles the Vjel-Amaj crew in an attempt to resolve a case of hidden slavery. As time urges them, Hailynn’s plan unfortunately unleashes the wrath of the shattered empire upon the Kiith Amaj she wishes to protect. With all hell breaking loose, the Hiigaran only falls deeper and deeper in to a world of despair. Meanwhile, Aira discovers how much Hailynn and the Vjel-Amaj means to her.

Tales of the Vjel-Amaj - Book III: The Expeditionary Part 1
Relicnews Forums

(currently in progress)

Lead Role: Aira. Rolan Drayson. Aaron Salico.

The Vjel-Amaj and its motley flotilla group survived the uncontrollable quantum wavefront, but have emerged into parts unknown of the galaxy. Star constellations are all but a mystery, leaving these vessels simply… lost. Meanwhile, as the civilian portion must endure military training, troubles unfolds when the industrial carrier Darugis loses contact to the flotilla.

It must now venture on its own to a dedicated rally point, hoping to link with the flotilla again. Terror unfolds when a saboteur wrecks havoc, threatening the lives of those onboard. It is up to the Amaji Sub-Lieutenant Drayson Amaj and Corporal Aaron Salico to neutralize this threat while keeping the public safe. But how are they to do this with a Somtaaw Lieutenant grasping for absolute power and controversial methods?

Prequel fics - These fics are prequels mostly based on the TOVJ world created, while of course keeping it true with the universe giving by the Homeworld game series.

TOVJ - Life on Curse
Relicnews Forums

(In progess - Low priority however)

Lead Role: Delophane Vamaii. Beii.

The comatose Delophane Vamaii is captured in her own psyche and re-experiences the terrors of her past deep within the vast nebula known as “Curse”. She is but a prisoner inside a body that must survive what her delusional mind projects…

After a terrifying setback, Tenreii fleet orders a full retreat from the infested Mothership and the young soldier is soon after reassigned to an unusual allied clanfleet of Turanic Raiders as a sole liaison officer… soon to struggle with them as they desperately fight for survival against the various other tenreii fleets stranded inside the cursed nebula.

Homworld Cataclysm - The Purifying Flame

A fanfiction expressing the struggle of the Kiith Somtaaw mining vessel Kuun-Lan, heavily based on the actual singleplayer campaign of Homeworld:Cataclysm, told through the eyes of a serving mining worker.

Additional features:

  • Unique smaller kiith/clans supporting the political efforts of the struggling Kiith Somtaaw.
  • Two smaller vessels support the Kuun-Lan’s ventures through treacherous space within and beyond.

This fic in particular follows the example of Darth Soban’s Exiles Return HW fic, which tells the story of Homeworld 1 through the eyes of an original protagonist.

Considering The Purifying Flame, I am still deciding whether to follow the original game plot or an original version of my own, perhaps even with The Beast Infection Terror. This however requires serious planning. Currently, I’m most likely going to continue with The Original Beast, adding in some of that Sparki stuff. Perhaps in the progess, I might be able to make it fully original - as some wanted to see the Kuun-Lan/Somtaaw struggle in a world without The Beast.

However, I do like the Beast. More so, I want to emphasis more on just why it was so threatening. I have to see if I will start a separate fic taking on an alternate original plot. Maybe even something prior to the Beast Infection War.

We will see.

Hope some of this blathering has inspired some to read :).

Additional TOVJ related links:

Sparki’s blog thread @ Relicnews Forums

Here is where I normally ramble about progress and thoughts related to storytelling, with occasional food of thoughts by other readers. Feel free to post here at this gearbox forum or there, if you like. Usually, my blathering is all about brainstorming. It helps me more when I write stuff down than talking to myself here where I am, y’know.

Relicnews Forums: Wikia links thread - TOVJ Compendium

This is a seperate thread containing links to wikia articles that are to support the background story and equipment seen in various parts of the fic as imagined. There is still a lot more I wish to add as it helps with the worldcrafting just as well.

Examples include history and developments of weapon systems, doctrines and other background info that might be of interest.

Welcome over. :smile:

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Chapter 35 - Part 5 of x is now live.

Aaron joins forces with the Private Military Corporation of Pethera Sjet and uncover a serious conflict boiling right under the feet of the vessel’s command. At the same time, sub-lieutenant Drayson must face the crazed Lieutenant-of-the-Watch Ordet Somtaaw and her manic drive for hunting down disloyal junior operators. It is up to the men and women to bring the endgame to the true enemy that terrorizes this vessel.

I am insisting to do more incremental updates than “big n fat” ones. Also time to focus more on this writing than reallife. Put way too much time in that instead of writing this fun stuff. Oh well, here comes the necrobump lol.