Fanfiction: the Vaygr point of view

I always wanted to have a vision on the Vaygr side of the Battle for Hiigara. So, I’ve created my own version for fun, and published it in the Complex mod forum some years ago. There are some plot holes and a lot of space for comments. The story is divided in 6 posts.


  • Remisniscences of a Vaygr Commander

It’s been 5 years now from the Vaygr Siege. Let me say something about those events. My command post didn’t take part on that enterprise because we were a late arrival force at Balcora gate. By that moment, we were able to scan Hiigara and be aware that the Planet Killers were being smashed upon one another easily. But first, let’s talk about the missions issued to stop the Hiigarans.

We started to bring down the Hiigarans outposts. That was a measure to show force and impose surrender, although Makaan himself wasn’t so interested in peace and dialogue, as we know now.
I was assigned to attack the less important ones: Hera, Augan and Tanis.
In our plans, they were codenamed Trident.

I was given a Missile Frigate as a command post to lead bomber squadrons. We would have bypassed these outposts, but they are so close to each other that became of military interest. During the assault we came to know that Tanis was actually a secret base. We haven’t discovered it first because these outposts had a weak signal for our scans.

I decided to be present in Tanis because of that station, Chimera - we detected what seemed to be a hyperspace inhibitor there, so I had to lead the bombers on taking it down. This way, after the raid we would be putting hands on Hiigaran protocols and, of course, helping my vain progress in the ranks.

2/6 - TANIS - The other ball of the Shell Game
3/6 - AUGAN - Intriguing Bishops
4/6 - HERA - Hiding in dust clouds
5/6 - BALCORA - Balcora Hate

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2/6 - TANIS - The other ball of the Shell Game

We thought of an attack in three loads:

  • First a decoy bomber formation, to atract fighters away from Tanis;
  • The second wave to bring Chimera offline;
  • The third wave would flank the Station in search for depots to be destroyed, so I was hoping for few defenses.

I felt uncomfortable that our communications got scrambled but our green light was Chimera’s log off right in the first strike. It has to be emphasized that the orders for the first wave was to attack and retreat. Later, I came to know that the War Advisor*³ changed the orders for the pilots, a privilege he held that would become a constant intervention inside my command.

We are trained to seize every opportunity, but never crossed our minds to have the Hiigaran Mothership in front of us. We were not even briefed about its existence. We were so astonished that we took a long time to mobilize our gates and try to bring a larger force in attempt to destroy the Hig MS. Also we haven’t realized that we could have been the target against that insane monster, but to our luck the majority of the systems were down to prevent tracking or simply being assembled or tested. A simple frigate against a MS: it’s like attacking with a spoon. As a desperate measure, my crew spent all our missiles in vain against the MS, and let the vulnerable provisions be boarded unpunished.

Luckily, no order from Makaan came later to dump me in space.

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3/6 - AUGAN - Intriguing Bishops

In our assessment, Trident was:

  • a resource field (Hera);
  • a Shipyard or alike (Augan) and
  • Tanis, identified as part of an EDW array system, since Hera would attract any invader instantly.

Therefore, Tanis became suitable for a fast knock out and to prevent alerts to any nearby base. After finding a MS in Tanis, things went a bit out of control until Vaygr Command could restructure the planning with the emmerging events. Thus, part of the forces went after the MS, others converged to Hiigara and I was able to convince some superiors to stay behind and have a better look at Augan and Hera. We entered the Augan sector with a loaded carrier and two packs of frigates. Although Augan is scarce with resources, we brought everything once Hera would be our next stop, if we would succeed.

Vaygr recon forces warned us that the MS was going to a rally point still unknown to meet transports that left Hiigara with personel or to join a possible not assigned fleet, we were not entirely sure. We realized after the fight, that Augan was the first shipyard for the new MS project, but since it was not discrete enough, they probably have moved it to Tanis.

At Augan, we stopped 4 shuttles going out when we arrived. Although they became the primary objectives, they were all empty. Everybody was already in the MS, I guess. Also the transports were probably leaving the sector heading Hiigara to load more personel and equipment. Our Tanis assault probably started to wake up the Hiigaran military machine in a chain reaction.

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4/6 - HERA - Hiding in dust clouds

Our plan was to destroy Augan, but after the MS event, we changed plans to avoid uncertainties. This way we attacked to invade it. So, we were able to capture some military vessels. Actually, we wouldn’t leave Augan without those vessels. Everything found there was meant to load the MS. To our luck, the squadrons were not prime forces, and even better, they couldn’t made to Tanis prior to our first attack, otherwise we would not have succeeded there.

We haven’t consider this raid a total success: an unidentified contact was leaving the sector, so we thought they’ve ran to Hera. There was a respectable force there, comparing to our improvised forces, but it was far from a fleet. Probably Hiigarans dispatched a decoy garrison to attract us.

Hera is the kind of environment affected by an enormous project like the Hiigaran MS. With so much resources extracted there after some years, it looked like having an atmosphere. Dust is simply everywhere. And so is danger: In that sector we were strong, but we had lost the element of surprise. We were expecting a Guerilla warfare against us. And someone in my staff speculated that the MS could be hiding there. After the recent encounter, it was a reasonable suspicion.

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5/6 - BALCORA - Balcora Hate

After Hera, we planned heading to Hiigara. Our War Advisor in his wisdom, redirected us to drift around for a while attacking supply lines and other targets of opportunity giving time to the Vaygr Command to track down the MS and the core of the Hiigaran Forces. I’ve heard better excuses, but this guy was a magnet for irrelevant assignments. It didn’t take long for the VC to issue a call for gathering at the now known Balcora Gate. Something big was about to happen there.

As we were late, the Hiig MS already had passed through and left a rear sentinel force there. Although we had a large force, the Hiigarans kept coming out from the gate probably due to our already formed siege. Other sparse forces of different Vaygr fleets kept arriving at Balcora too. That gate was a strange device: During the fight even unidentified vessels entered the battle arena only to become instant wreckage.

My staff warned that if we all crossed heading Hiigara instead of destroying the gate, we could reinforce Vaygr and would come back later to finish the job. In my own assessment, I’ve envisioned the worst case scenario: losing the Battle for Hiigara and having to retreat we could use our own hyperspace gates to runaway (an asset absent in Balcora at that point).
In the middle of chaos, we decided to cross the gate. Yet, we came to “learn” in practice once again that “there is no situation so bad that can’t get worse”.

We never made to Hiigara.

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That gate was really broken or malfunctioning, we were sent elsewhere. We had no idea where we were. The Hiigs would be coming after us anytime soon. The same that happened to us, could have happened to part of the Vaygr fleet, who knows. After our recovery, we kept on alert, since there was a lot of wreckage around us, as if too many ships were dumped there. We were also lucky in arriving in one piece.

After some astonishment, we mapped the surroundings and stablished places to hide ourselves and places to raid in search of resources. As soon we’d found a hideout, we would start generating some decent primary objectives. When salvaging the rests of the Hiig ships, we’ve learned that, they didn’t have any clue what they were doing there. They were either exploring or simply have taken a “wrong turn”, we could never define their purpose.

In the following months, we managed to tune our long range scans. A lot of points of interest and very few weak Vaygr signals. Still no accurate immediate positioning since our main commvessels were taken away from us in Balcora. To our surprise, the Hiigs didn’t come after us, maybe Makaan had succeeded, we thought.

After a time, generating new objectives became rather political struggle than military obedience. Part of my staff aimed the richest resource placements and we would be doing our best calling again. The other part of the crew, was more interested in the weak signals in a clear intention to seek out the rest of us and gather with them. To my luck, both objectives were kind of near each other in a single direction.

I sticked with that balance and, in doing so, I could remain a Vaygr leader all these years, in our way back home.

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