Fantastic game! But boy does it have issues!

As the title says this game is fantastic, but it does have it’s issues. Some things I’m going to mention in this post might not bother others or might be in the game deliberately.
First off let me just say a big thank you to god almighty for ‘communities’ on ps4 lol. Because the matchmaking in my opinion absolutely sucks! Why on earth have they made it random instead of letting people choose the game they want to join!?
Also why can’t you see the level of your teammates? When I join a game I like to know what level the other players are. Or have I missed something & there is some way of finding out?

And something that really annoys me is seeing ways of gaining lots of xp or legendaries in vids on YouTube, but only to find out from a comment that it’s been patched. I mean I’d understand if the game was pvp or had in-game currency like gta. But nerfing these exploits or weapons just makes them kill joys in my opinion.