Fanwork of my favorite characters

Hey there everyone. After a prompt from a buddy I’m here to share some of my recent work.

I’ve been arting for all my life but recently it has slowed down, I even deleted my online galleries because they were updated so infrequently… I’m working to bring back the passion of drawing and painting but it’s a rough road. Thankfully Battleborn came along with its terrific character designs, I was super inspired by them and was even able to make a finished piece of one of my favorites, ISIC. Loving everything about this AI, he knows what’s up…

He’s painted in Winsor & Newton watercolors, took approximately 10+ hours. I contemplated on adding gold leaf but since I worked so hard on the details I didn’t want to cover them. Adjusting the tones in Photoshop was way harder than painting it, trust me it looks better in real life…

While not as polished as ISIC, here’s a sketch of a character that got me interested in BB in the first place :smile:

Yesterday I got Master of Miko challenge done, really loving playing them.

Thanks for looking! :blush:

xx beya


Really like the style, Good job. :sunny:

Amazing :heart:

Thank you wisecarver and Kitty_Jo! I’m tossing around the idea to do a piece with Shayne & Aurox because they have one of the most stunning designs in the game. Currently just way too busy but maybe later :smiley: