Far more pleased with Galilea Now

She is still strong, but in line. I’ll be damned if I play a Phoebe, Rath, or Shane and try to box her. She shuts down melee characters so hard right now.

Shayne has been able to kill her with ease since the Beta, and Phoebe too with the right gear

I disagree. Her damage amp and the silence prevents any of those characters from using their escapes.

You can’t run into enemy territory, but in a neutral terrain, Shayne has both an invisibility and a Stun/Overshield to get away. Even with silence, he has enough health so that he can tank her and run until silence runs out, and then proceed to kill her. From my experience it’s fairly easy in doing so also

Apologies, thought we were talking about Phoebe. Even with increased shields and the damage reduction I still get punished hard for boxing a good Galilea

Phoebe can out DPS Galilea head on, but this requires the correct gear and to be a higher level. Galilea definitely is more easily killed by range though as should be expected

I think this is fair as Galilea at the end of the day is a melee brawler after all.