Farewell Gaige, it was a good run

Started getting into BL 3 years ago, and Gaige is a badass and will truly be missed. She’s my favorite VH, even Moze won’t beat her. Imma miss running around shooting the floor with the Skullmasher. Farewell my friend.

You don’t have to stop…


Well, no chance of that happening with me! I just started playing BL2 (with Gaige first up) only now! :laughing:

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Yeah, but its gonna be a long time before I start again

Have fun my friend, shes a badass

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I’m not saying goodbye to anything, in fact I’ve already gone back to bl2 since the 13th for a few rounds of mob murdering. It’s like a drug for me really, bl3 is the new thing on the street but I’m already wretchedly addicted to the stuff that’s been going around for years.


Totally, I just love bl3 so much that I don’t go on 2 often